Bornean black magpie

The Bornean black magpie (Platysmurus leucopterus aterrimus), also known as the black crested magpie, is a treepie in the family Corvidae. It is endemic to the Southeast Asian island of Borneo.[2]

Platysmurus leucopterus aterrimus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Family: Corvidae
Genus: Platysmurus
P. l. aterrimus
Trinomial name
Platysmurus leucopterus aterrimus
(Temminck, 1829)[1]
  • Platysmurus aterrimus


The Bornean black magpie is a distinctive subspecies of the black magpie which is sometimes considered a full species, Platysmurus aterrimus.[2]


The magpie is about 43 cm in length.[3] It has all-black plumage with a long, broad and graduated tail, a stout black bill, a tall, bristly crest, black legs and feet, and red irises. It has a taller crest than, and lacks the white wing patch of, the nominate subspecies.[1]


The magpie is a garrulous and sociable bird, often seen in family parties. It has a variety of whistling and chattering calls and is also a vocal mimic. It flies with shallow wing beats that produce a distinctive low throbbing whoo or boobooboo sound.[1][2]


A nest found in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in September 1981 was described as being about 20 cm across, built of sticks and sited 8 m up in a small tree.[3]


The magpie is an arboreal, foliage-gleaning, insectivore and frugivore, also opportunistically taking small mammals and reptiles.[3]

Distribution and habitat

The magpie is found in the lowlands of Borneo, ranging in altitude up to about 300 m above sea level. It inhabits primary forest, including dipterocarp, kerangas and peat swamp forest, and is also found in secondary forest, overgrown tree plantations and scrub.[3]


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