Boris Dežulović

Boris Dežulović (born 20 November 1964[1]) is a Croatian journalist, writer and columnist, best known as one of the founders of the now defunct satirical magazine Feral Tribune.

Boris Dežulović
Born (1964-11-20) 20 November 1964
Split, SFR Yugoslavia
OccupationJournalist and novelist


Dežulović studied art history at the University of Split.[2] Along with Viktor Ivančić and Predrag Lucić he was one of the three original members of the "VIVA LUDEŽ" trio of Split-based humorists who first began writing in 1984 and who founded the magazine in 1993.[3][4]

In 1999 Dežulović left Feral Tribune and joined the popular current affairs weekly Globus where he was one of their columnists.[1]

Dežulović is also a writer. In 2003 he published Christkind,[5] a science fiction novel about time travel which explores ethical dilemmas surrounding the possibility of killing baby Hitler. His second novel was published in 2005, titled Jebo sad hiljadu dinara[6] (lit. Who gives a fuck about a thousand dinars now), a satirical novel about the war in Bosnia, and a book of poetry titled Pjesme iz Lore (Poems from Lora). The latter was also published in German in 2008, titled Gedichte aus Lora.

Dežulović won the 2013 European Press Prize in the Commentator category.[7] In 2017, he has signed the Declaration on the Common Language of the Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks and Montenegrins.[8] He currently publishes weekly columns for N1 and Portal Novosti.


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