Bop Girl Goes Calypso

Bop Girl Goes Calypso is a 1957 American United Artists film directed by Howard W. Koch and starring Judy Tyler.[1] It featured Calypso music, and music by the Bobby Troup Trio and bassist Jim Aton.


Working on a thesis, college student Bob Hilton does research while predicting that calypso music will be the next craze, replacing rock and roll in American musical tastes. When he and Professor Winthrop visit a nightclub where Jo Thomas is the featured singer, Bob's theory is mocked by Jo until he takes her to another club and piques her interest.

Bob's interest in music and Jo is frustrating to Marion Hendricks, his impatient fiancée. Jo adds a calypso number to her repertoire, causing friction between the club's owner and meddlesome Bob that results in a fight. But the audience's reaction to the song leads to the place being renamed Club Trinidad with an all-new musical theme. Marion breaks up with Bob, but attracts the romantic interest of the professor.


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