Bookkeeper Kremke

Bookkeeper Kremke (German: Lohnbuchhalter Kremke) is a 1930 German silent drama film directed by Marie Harder and starring Hermann Vallentin, Anna Sten and Ivan Koval-Samborsky.[1]

Bookkeeper Kremke
Directed byMarie Harder
Written byHerbert Rosenfeld
StarringHermann Vallentin
Anna Sten
Ivan Koval-Samborsky
CinematographyRobert Baberske
Franz Koch
Naturfilm Hubert Schonger
Release date
15 September 1930
German intertitles

It was made with backing from Germany's Socialist Party. It was one of two films, along with Brothers (1929), made at the time that espoused the movement's left-wing ideology. The film's sets were designed by Carl Ludwig Kirmse.

It was not a commercial success on its release, generally attributed to its theme and to the fact that it was a released as a silent at a time when cinemas had gone over almost entirely to showing sound films.


After losing his job, a clerk is devastated by the threatened drop in social status now that he is unemployed. However, his daughter falls in love with a chauffeur who encourages her to embrace her new working-class status.



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