Bookforum is an American book review magazine devoted to books and the discussion of literature. Based in New York City, New York, it comes out in February, April, June, September, and December.

Bookforum cover April/May 2010
EditorsChris Lehmann (Editor), Michael Miller (Editor), David O'Neill (Managing Editor), Maggie Foucault (Associate Editor), Alfredo Perez ( Editor)
CategoriesLiterature, culture
FrequencyBiannually (19941998)
Quarterly (19982005)
Five issues per year (since 2005)
PublisherAnthony Korner, Danielle McConnell, Kate Koza
Year founded1994 (1994)
CompanyArtforum International Magazine, Inc.
CountryUnited States
Based inNew York City, New York


The magazine was launched in 1994 as a literary supplement to Artforum. Originally published biannually, it became a quarterly in 1998, and since 2005, the magazine has published five times a year.

Describing the magazine to The Village Voice in 2003, former editor Eric Banks said that the magazine targets a demographic "like the New York Review's but much younger. I think there is an audience of intellectual readers between 25 and 40 out there  the kind of person who buys The New Republic, The Nation, and The New York Review of Books, but doesn't have an allegiance to a particular publication."[1]

In addition to publishing book reviews, essays and current-events columns, the magazine regularly features interviews with authors, including:

In 2009, the magazine's website was redesigned to include a nationwide literary-events calendar, internet exclusive book reviews, two blogs  Paper Trail and Omnivore  and a section called Syllabi, which features reading lists written by authors and critics.[2]

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