Bomben auf Monte Carlo (novel)

Bomben auf Monte Carlo is a 1930 German comedy novel by Fritz Reck-Malleczewen.

Bomben auf Monte Carlo
AuthorFritz Reck-Malleczewen
Publication date
Media typePrint


In the novel, the penniless captain of a vessel puts into Monte Carlo, hoping to raise money at the gaming tables to pay his crew. While there he becomes entangled with a monarch in disguise.

Film adaptations

The story has been made into four films at the time of writing. In 1931 the German film Bombs on Monte Carlo was made, with a French-language version Captain Craddock and an English-language version Monte Carlo Madness made at the same time.

In 1960 a fourth film version was made entitled Bombs on Monte Carlo and directed by Georg Jacoby.

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