Bogusław Samborski

Bogusław Samborski (14 April 1897 1971) was a Polish film actor.[1] He appeared in more than 25 films between 1925 and 1947.Polish collaborator with Nazi Germany.

Bogusław Samborski
Born(1897-04-14)14 April 1897
Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire (now Warsaw, Poland)
Died1971 (aged 7374)
Years active1925-1947

After the outbreak of World War II, he initially ran a cafe at the Polish Theater, closed after taking over the building for the occupation "Theater der Stadt Warschau" (1940). Director of this institution, Igo Sym convinced Samborski to perform in public theaters and play a role in the anti-Polish film Heimkehr. Probably Samborski decided to cooperate with him to protect his wife, who was of Jewish descent.[2][3]

After completing the death sentence on Igo Sym (1941), Samborski went to Nazi Germany, where he remained after the war.

In Third Reich he continued his acting career under the pseudonym Gottlieb Sambor.[4]

Selected filmography

Second Polish Republic (1925-1939)

General Government (1941)

Third Reich (1941-1945)

  • Shiva und die Galgenblume (1945)
  • Am Ende Der Welt (1943)[5]


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