Bogan Shire

Bogan Shire is a local government area in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia. The Shire is located adjacent to the Mitchell and Barrier highways and its only significant town is Nyngan.

Bogan Shire
New South Wales
Location in New South Wales
Coordinates31°34′S 147°12′E
 • Density0.21/km2 (0.54/sq mi)
Area14,611 km2 (5,641.3 sq mi)
MayorRay Donald (Unaligned)
Council seatNyngan[3]
State electorate(s)Barwon
Federal Division(s)Parkes
WebsiteBogan Shire
LGAs around Bogan Shire:
Bourke Brewarrina Warren
Cobar Bogan Shire Warren
Cobar Lachlan Lachlan

The Municipality of Nyngan was proclaimed on 17 February 1891 with Nyngan having a population of 1,355. In 1906 the Bogan Shire was incorporated. The Bogan Shire and the Nyngan municipality amalgamated in 1972.

The Mayor of Bogan Shire Council is Cr. Ray Donald, who is unaligned with any political party.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics during 2003-04 there:[4]

  • were 798 wage and salary earners (ranked 151st in New South Wales and 484th in Australia, less than 0.1% of both New South Wales's 2,558,415 and Australia's 7,831,856)
  • was a total income of $26 million (ranked 150th in New South Wales and 484th in Australia, less than 0.1% of both New South Wales's $107 billion and Australia's $304 billion)
  • was an estimated average income per wage and salary earner of $32,823 (ranked 99th in New South Wales and 338th in Australia, 79% of New South Wales's $41,407 and 85% of Australia's $38,820)
  • was an estimated median income per wage and salary earner of $29,413 (ranked 111th in New South Wales and 388th in Australia, 83% of New South Wales's $35,479 and 86% of Australia's $34,149).


Current composition and election method

Bogan Shire Council is composed of nine Councillors elected proportionally as a single ward. All Councillors are elected for a fixed four-year term of office. The Mayor is elected by the Councillors at the first meeting of the Council. The most recent election was held on 10 September 2016, and the makeup of the Council is as follows:[5]

  Independents and Unaligned 9
Total 9

The current Council, elected in 2016, in order of election, is:[5]

  Ray Donald Unaligned Mayor[6]
  Graham Jackson Independent
  Kevin Ryan Independent
  Glen Neill Independent Deputy Mayor[6]
  Jodi Douglas Independent
  Victoria Boag Unaligned
  Tony Elias Independent
  Veneta Dutton Independent
  Greg Deacon Unaligned


Bogan Shire is supported by agricultural production, grazing of sheep and cattle and cropping, primarily wheat. The area averages about 17 inches (430 mm) per year. However, there is great variability in the rainfall. In 1888 Nyngan had only 7.5 inches (190 mm) recorded, while in 1950 it had nearly 45 inches (1,100 mm).


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