Bofors 120 mm gun model 1950

The Bofors 120 mm automatic gun was a dual purpose naval gun. It was initially used aboard Halland-class destroyers and Colombian Navy 7 de Agosto (D-06) and 20 de Junio (D-05). The guns also were used on the Dutch Holland-class and Friesland class destroyers, and later the Tromp-class frigates.

12 cm akan M/50
Twin turret on Swedish Destroyer HMS Småland 2010.
TypeNaval gun
Place of originSweden
Service history
In service1952 - 1985
Used by Swedish Navy
 Royal Netherlands Navy
 Colombian National Navy
 Peruvian Navy
Production history
No. built54
Barrel length8.05 metres (317 in)

Shell23,5 kg
Caliber120 millimetres (4.7 in)
Elevationmax +80°
Rate of fire42 rpm (per barrel)
84 rpm (synchronized)
Muzzle velocity850 m/s


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