Bodybuilding at the 2011 Pan Arab Games

At the 2011 Pan Arab Games, the bodybuilding events were held at Al Dana Hall in Doha, Qatar on 10 December. A total of 8 events were contested though dropped to 7 due to doping incidents.[1]

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
-65kg  Mahdy Hassan (IRQ)  Jabor Alkuwari (QAT) Vacant
-75kg  Ali Jowaied (IRQ)  Mahmoud Ammar (PLE) Vacant
-80kg  Hussen Abdulla (LBA)  Jasim Hasan (KUW)  Sami Zayed (LBA)
-85kg  Mohammad Alrashed (KUW)  Ahmed Al-Banai (QAT) Vacant
-90kg  Mohamed Abdalrheem (EGY)  Abdallah Al Rahbi (OMA)  Mohanad Faqih (PLE)
-100kg  Petros Vyzantios (PLE)  Ahmad Naji Alsaafeen (JOR)  Anas Haj Hassan (LIB)
+100kg  Attia Shaalan (EGY)  Nayef Abdulla (QAT)  Mahmoud Marzouq (PLE)


A major case of doping was found in Bodybuilding where ten athletes were caught using performance enhancing drugs.[2]

Event Name Country Original Medal
Men's -65kg Mohammad Alkhadi  Jordan  Gold
Men's -70kg Wahid Al-Sowaidi  Qatar  Gold
Men's -70kg Ahmed Jabar  Iraq  Silver
Men's -70kg Abdulaziz Bumejaid  Bahrain  Bronze
Men's -75kg Walid Mal Allah  Qatar  Gold
Men's -75kg Hosney Merawah  Jordan  Bronze
Men's -80kg Mahmoud Al Fdali  Egypt  Gold
Men's -85kg Jalaal Alrayashi  Qatar  Gold
Men's -90kg Kamal Abdullrahman  Qatar  Gold
Men's -100kg Moustafa Aziz Nesim  Egypt  Gold

The Men's -70kg was no longer a medaling event as all competitors tested positive. The lower ranked athletes have since been upgraded, however in some events there were not enough participants for bronze medalists.[3]

Medal table

  *   Host nation (Qatar)

1 Egypt2002
3 Palestine1124
4 Kuwait1102
5 Libya1012
6 Qatar*0303
7 Jordan0101
9 Lebanon0011
Totals (9 nations)77418


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