Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca

Agent 077, sfida ai killers, internationally released as Bob Fleming: Mission Casablanca and The Killers Are Challenged, is a 1966 Italian/French international co-production eurospy film directed by Antonio Margheriti.[1][2][3] Richard Harrison reprised his role as Bob Fleming from Secret Agent Fireball (1965). The film was shot in Casablanca and Geneva.

Bob Fleming... Mission Casablanca
A 077, sfida ai killers
Directed byAntonio Margheriti
Produced byMino Loy
Luciano Martino
Written byErnesto Gastaldi
Music byCarlo Savina
CinematographyRiccardo Pallottini
Release date
  • 1966 (1966)
Running time
84 minutes


After two scientists are murdered the CIA sends Agent Fleming to meet up with Coleman, a scientist who had worked on a new source of energy with the two murder victims. The CIA smuggles Coleman out of the country to Geneva with Fleming taking his place to discover who is behind the murders. This opportunity arises when Coleman has plastic surgery to alter his face for his protection.

The major stumbling block to the scheme is Coleman's wife. Fleming contacts the wife in Casablanca explaining the scheme but she demands proof by speaking to her husband by telephone. Once this is accomplished she becomes a willing participant but joins Fleming as a target for assassins, secret agents and a Texas oil baron who will go to any length to keep a new form of effective energy from appearing and affecting the oil industry.



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