Blues & Soul

Blues & Soul is a British music magazine. The magazine covers genres such as soul, R&B, dance, jazz, hip hop, reggae and world music.[1] The magazine was established in 1967 by its founder John Abbey. The Independent has noted Blues & Soul as being the equal of magazines such as NME and Q. Billboard magazine has also gone on to call Blues & Soul "a respected publication".[2][3]

Blues & Soul
EditorLee Tyler
FrequencyFive per year
FounderJohn Abbey
Year founded1966
First issueOctober 1967 (1967-10)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inCroydon


John Abbey, a devotee of American R&B music, went on to establish a magazine entitled House of Blues in 1966. This came about while Abbey was working for a travel agency in London. The magazine went on to publish its own musical charts, cover events and clubs and feature reviews, interviews and other musical articles. The publication soon gained further popularity in the UK and Europe, and with issue number 12 its title was changed to Blues & Soul. In addition to Abbey's contributions, material was provided by writers such as former Motown press officer Sharon Davis and British soul fan Dave Godin. Within a June 1970 column of Blues & Soul Godin went on to coin the term "Northern soul". The business gradually expanded and Abbey set up an associated record label called Contempo Records. Abbey moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the mid-1970s, and the editorship was taken over by Bob Killbourn in 1979.[4][5][6][7] Another important contributor, David Nathan, began writing for Blues & Soul in the early 1970s, first in London, then from 1975 as the magazine's principal New York correspondent.[8]

Blues & Soul's charts, from the start of such, became increasingly popular within the UK.[9] During 1979 DJ Pete Tong started being a journalist at Blues & Soul. Within the following year he became the features editor of the magazine.[10][11] Fellow UK publication Black Music was also absorbed in April 1984 by Blues & Soul.[12] Blues & Soul has also, from its inception, bestowed awards to artistes based upon an annual readers poll.[13][14]

By 2006, the magazine had published 1000 issues.[4]

In 2011, the magazine still exists online, helmed by editor Lee Tyler plus assistant editor (and long-time contributor) Pete Lewis. The magazine returned in printed form in August 2010 with a special vintage edition.

In July 2011, Blues & Soul was relaunched permanently in print as a two-monthly magazine alongside its ongoing presence online.


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