Blue Water White Death

Blue Water, White Death is a 1971 American documentary about sharks which was produced by Peter Gimbel and James Lipscomb.[2] It received favourable reviews[3][4] and was described as a "well produced odyssey"[5] and "exciting and often beautiful".[6] It screened theatrically and was broadcast on television at various times during the 1970s[7][8] and 1980s.[9] The film was re-released on DVD in 2009.

Blue Water White Death
Directed byPeter Gimbel
James Lipscomb
StarringRon & Valerie Taylor
Distributed byNational General Pictures
Release date

Cast & crew

The following people appeared in the documentary - Tom Chapin, Phil Clarkson, Stuart Cody, Peter Lake, Peter Matthiessen, Rodney Fox, Valerie Taylor, Ron Taylor, Stan Waterman, Peter Gimbel, James Lipscomb and Rodney Jonklaas.[2][10] In 1986 Tom Chapin reflected on his role as an assistant cameraman on the production, joking that his life had "all been downhill since."[11] Some underwater sequences appearing in the film were shot using shark-proof cages.[12]

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