Blue Jeans (1975 film)

Blue Jeans is a 1975 Italian erotic-drama film directed by Mario Imperoli. The film grossed about 310 million lire at the Italian box office.[1] The film critic Vittorio Spiga referred to the film as "an adult comic book that flows into a real exaltation of the remarkable ass of Gloria Guida".[2]

Blue Jeans
Directed byMario Imperoli
Produced byRoma Cinematografica
Written byPiero Regnoli
Mario Imperioli
StarringGloria Guida
Paolo Carlini
Music byNico Fidenco
CinematographyRomano Albani
Release date
17 March 1975
Running time
86 minutes


Daniela (Guida), nicknamed "Blue Jeans" after her cut-off jean shorts, is an underage streetwalker. She is caught by the police and claims that she is the illegitimate daughter of Dr. Carlo Anselmi (Paolo Carlini), a renowned restoration artist living in Latina countryside. Although Anselmi claims the opposite, Daniela's word is taken as a presumption of law and she is entrusted to Anselmi. While the frivolous behaviour of the young prostitute causes havoc with Anselmi's girlfriend Marisa (Annie Carol Edel), things get further complicated when Daniela starts to implement a plot with her pimp Sergio (Gianluigi Chirizzi).


  • Gloria Guida: Daniela
  • Paolo Carlini: Dr. Carlo Anselmi
  • Annie Carol Edel: Marisa
  • Gianluigi Chirizzi: Sergio Prandi
  • Mario Pisu: Lawyer Mauro Franco
  • Marco Tulli: Client


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