Blood Tie

Blood Tie is a 1977 novel by American novelist Mary Lee Settle, published by Houghton Miflin.[1] The novel, her eighth, won the 1978 National Book Award for Fiction.[2][3] With the award, Settle became the fourth woman to win the NBA in fiction out of 32 winners.[4]

The novel explores the going-ons of expatriates in a hotel in Ceramos Turkish coast.[5] The characters in the novel are generally unlikable, and their foibles become the central focus of the novel's plot.[5][6] Settle wrote the novel after returning to West Virginia, from time abroad in first England than Italy.[3]


Though initial reception of the novel and Settle winning the National Book Award was less than positive, critical consensus treats the novel as a turning point in her critical reception.[7] The New York Times was generally positive about the book, writing that Settle "has done a remarkable job of capturing the [expatriate] culture that is, in a sense, the most important character in her book."[5] George Garret in the Dictionary of Literary Biography called the novel "clearly a virtuoso work."[3]


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