Blockade of Veracruz

The Blockade of Veracruz was a conflict during the Mexican–American War. The blockade of Veracruz was extremely important in the Mexican-American War in stopping the trade of contraband.[1]:107

Blockade of Veracruz
Part of the Mexican–American War

American forces landing at Veracruz in 1847.
Result United States victory
 United States Mexico
Commanders and leaders
David Conner
Matthew C. Perry
Juan Esteban Morales

Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft instructed Commodore Conner's Home Squadron to "exercise all the rights that belong to you as commander-in-chief of a belligerent squadron."[1]:108 On 14 May 1846, Conner proclaimed Veracruz, Alvarado, Tampico and Matamoros under blockade.[1]:109 Conner sent the sloop-of-war St. Mary's to Tampico, the paddle frigate Mississippi to Veracruz, and the sloop-of-war Falmouth to Alvarado.[1]:109


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