Bloch is a surname. Notable people with this surname include:


Abraham Bloch18591914Frenchrabbi
Adele Bloch-Bauer1881925Austrianentrepreneur
Albert Bloch18821961Americanpainter
Alexander Blochborn 1972Germanmotor journalist and presenter
Alexander Yulianovich Bloch1878?Russianlawyer , journalist , lawyer , revolutionary
Alexandre Bloch18571919Frenchpainter
Alfred Blochborn 1877Frenchfootballer
Alfred Bloch (linguist)19151983Swisslinguist
Alfred M. Bloch19041979German-Britishengineer
Aliza Blochborn 1957IraeliFirst female mayor of Bet Shemesh, Israel.
Ambrosius Bloch17681838SwissBenedictine monk
André Bloch (composer)18731960Frenchcomposer and music educator
André Bloch (mathematician)18931948Frenchmathematician
André Bloch (SOE)19141942Frenchagent of the Special Operations Executive
Andreas Bloch18601917Norwegianpainter, illustrator and costume designer
Andy Blochborn 1969Americanpoker player
Anna Bloch18681953Danishactress
Armand Bloch18661933Frenchsculptor
Armand Isaac Bloch18651952French-Germanrabbi and author.
Arthur Bloch1948Americanwriter, author of Murphy's Law
Arthur Bloch (murder victim)18821942Swissvictim of a massacre of Jews in Switzerland
Artur Bloch1992Polishe-sportsman
August Bloch18761949Germanlandscape painter
August Friedrich Bloch (Abraham)1780 or 17811866Germanmerchant and president of the Prussian Seehandlung
Augustyn Bloch19292006Polishcomposer and organist
Avraham Yitzchak Bloch18911941Lithuanianrabbi
Bernard Bloch (linguist)19071965Americanlinguist
Bernard Bloch (actor)1949Frenchactor
Boris Blochborn 1951Russian-Ukrainianpianist and conductor
Bruno Bloch18781933Swissdermatologist and university professor
Camille Bloch18911970Swisschocolate - producer
Carl Heinrich Bloch18341890Danishpainter
Chaim Yitzchak Bloch Hacohen18671948Lithuanian-Americanrabbi
Chajim Bloch18811973Ukrainian-Romanianwriter
Charles Bloch19211987Frenchhistorian
Clare Bloch19081988Germanresistance to Nazism
Claude Bloch19231971Frenchtheoretical nuclear physicist
Claude Bloch (Convoy 77)born 1928Holocaust survivor
Claude C. Bloch18781967Americannaval admiral
Dalit Blochborn 1959Israeli - Swissactress , director, theater pedagogue, respiratory therapist
Darius Paul Bloch, birthname of Darius Paul Dassault18821969FrenchArmy general of Jewish origin, who adopted "Dassault" as nom de guerre during French Resistance service
Daniel Blochborn 1938Frenchengineer and physicist
David Bloch-Blumenfeld18801947Israelipolitician
David Ludwig Bloch19102002Germanpainter
Débora Blochborn 1963Brazilianactress
Denise Bloch19161945FrenchResistance member
Dora Bloch1976Israeli-Britishmurder victim
Eduard Bloch18721945Austrianphysician and family doctor of Adolf Hitler from 1903 to 1907
Eduard Bloch (publisher)18311895)Germantheater book dealer and author
Eleonora Abramovna Bloch18811943Ukrainian and Sovietsculptor , artist , teacher
Élie Bloch19091943Frenchrabbi, Resistant
Elisa Bloch18481905Silesian-Frenchsculptor
Emanuel Hirsch Bloch19021954Americanlawyer
Erich Bloch (writer)18971994Germanwriter
Ernest Bloch18801959Swiss-born Americancomposer
Ernst Bloch18851977Germanphilosopher
Erich Bloch19252016Americanelectrical engineer and administrator
Étienne Bloch19212009Frenchmagistrate & resistance fighter, brother of Marc Bloch
Eugene Bloch18781944Frenchphysicist and professor
France Bloch-Sérazin19131943Frenchresistance fighter during World War II
Felix Bloch19051983Swissphysicist
Felix Bloch (diplomatic officer)born 1935Americandiplomat accused of spying for the Soviets
Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer18641945Austrian-Czechsugar manufacturer and art lover
Francine Bloch19162005Frenchliterary critic
François Bloch-Lainé19122002Frenchpoliticians and administrative professionals of the postwar period
Friedel Bloch19172010Germanmanager
Friedrich Bloch19041996mayor of the city of Gera from 1945 to 1948
Friedrich Bloch (mining engineer)18891942Germanmining engineer


  • Grete Bloch (1892-1944), German industrial employee, letter partner of Franz Kafka
  • Grigory Ilyich Bloch (1871-1938), Soviet otorhinolaryngologist and phthisiologist
  • Gustave Bloch (1848–1923), French Jewish historian of ancient history
  • Günther Bloch (born 1953), German cynologist and author
  • Hans Bloch (painter) (1881-1914), German painter and art teacher
  • Hans Glad Bloch (1791–1865), Norwegian politician
  • Hans-Jürgen Bloch (born 1936), German radio play author
  • Harriet Bloch (1881-1975), Danish film's first female screenwriter
  • Heinz P. Bloch, American mechanical engineer
  • Henry W. Bloch (1922-2019), American businessman and Kansas City philanthropist.
  • Herbert Bloch (1911–2006), German archaeologist and epigrapher
  • Herbert J. Bloch (1907–1987), philatelist of New York City
  • Herman S. Bloch (1912-1990), American chemist and an inventor
  • Hermann Reincke-Bloch (1867-1929), German historian , university teacher and politician ( DVP )
  • Ignaz Bloch (1878-1942), German chemist
  • Immanuel Bloch (born 1972), German experimental physicist
  • Isaac Bloch, French rabbi
  • Isidore Grigorievich Bloch (1888-1958), Belarusian scientist
  • Israel Bloch (1889-1955), arrived in Palestine during the Second Aliyah
  • Issaschar-Beer Bloch (1730-1798), German rabbi
  • Iwan Bloch (1872–1922), Berlin dermatologist
  • Jacqueline Bloch (born 1967), French physicist
  • Jan Gotlib Bloch (1836–1902), also known as Ivan Bloch, Polish banker and warfare expert
  • Jan Robert Bloch (1937-2010), German natural scientist, educator and social philosopher
  • Jean-Marc Bloch (born 1946), French policeman
  • Jeanne Bloch (1858-1916), French singer
  • Jean-Richard Bloch (1884–1947), French writer
  • Joachim-Dieter Bloch (1906-1945), German jurist
  • Jochanan Bloch (1919-1979), Israeli Jewish religious scholar
  • Jonas Bloch (1939), Brazilian actor
  • Joseph Bloch (1875-1970), French Rabbi
  • Joseph Bloch (publicist) (1871-1936), German Social Democratic publicist
  • Joseph Samuel Bloch (1850–1923), Austrian rabbi
  • Joshua Bloch (1961), American software engineer
  • Jules Bloch (1880–1953), French linguist
  • Julia Chang Bloch (born 1942), American diplomat
  • Karola Bloch (1905-1994), Polish-German architect, socialist, and feminist
  • Konrad Emil Bloch (1912–2000), American biochemist
  • Kurt Bloch (born 1960), American musician
  • Lars Bloch (born 1938), Danish actor and producer
  • Lena Bloch (born 1971),Russian Jazz saxophonist
  • Leo Bloch (1864-1920), German alto-philologist , Classical archaeologist and teacher
  • Lloyd Bloch, a fictional character
  • Lucienne Bloch (1909–1999), American photographer


  • Marc Bloch (1886–1944), French historian
  • Marcel Bloch, later Marcel Dassault (1892–1986), French aircraft industrialist, founder of the firm Société des Avions Marcel Bloch; he adopted his younger brother's (Darius Paul Dassault) surname
  • Marcel Bloch (painter, 1882-1966) (1882-1966), French painter, lithographer, aquafortist, pastellist, portraitist and illustrator
  • Marcel Bloch (painter, 1884-1953) (1884-1953), French painter and sculptor
  • Marcus Elieser Bloch (1723–1799), German medical doctor and naturalist
  • Marie Bloch (1871-1944), German teacher and member of the bourgeois women's movement
  • Marjorie Bloch (born 1956), Irish painter
  • Mark Bloch (linguist) (born 1924), Russian linguist
  • Mark Bloch (born 1956), American artist
  • Martin Bloch (1883-1954), English-German painter
  • Maurice Bloch (born 1939), British anthropologist
  • Maurice Bloch (politician) (1891–1929), New York assemblyman
  • Meli Polishook-Bloch (born 1953), former Israeli politician
  • Michael Bloch (barrister) (born 1951)
  • Michael Bloch (born 1953), Author and historian
  • Moritz Bloch (1815-1891), Hungarian linguist and theologian
  • Moses Bloch (1804-1841), German rabbi
  • Moses Löb Bloch (1815–1909), Hungarian rabbi
  • Moshe Rudolf Bloch (1902–1985), Israeli scientist
  • Moshe Yitzhak Bloch (1893-1942), Lithuanian engineer , architect, educator and Zionist
  • Noë Bloch (1875-1937), Russian-born film producer
  • Ofer Bloch (born 1959), Israeli CEO
  • Olga Bloch (1900-1945), German art historian
  • Orville Emil Bloch (1915–1983), American military officer and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Oscar Bloch (1877-1937), French linguist and lexicographer
  • Oskar Bloch (1881-1937), German architect
  • Paul Bloch (c. 1940-2018), American publicist
  • Pedro Bloch (1914–2004), Brazilian writer
  • Peter Bloch (1900-1984), German politician ( CDU )
  • Peter Bloch (art historian) (1925-1994), German art historian and museum director
  • Peter André Bloch (born 1936), Swiss Germanist
  • Peter Rafael Bloch (1921-2008), German-American art historian, writer and journalist
  • Philipp Bloch (1841-1923), German historian and Reform rabbi
  • Pierrette Bloch (1928–2017), Swiss painter and textile artist
  • Ray Bloch (1902-1982), American composer, songwriter, and conductor
  • Raymond Bloch (1914-1997), French ancient historian, classical philologist and Etruscologist
  • Raymond-René Bloch (1911-2001),
  • René Bloch (1923-2016), French engineer
  • René Bloch (Judaist) (born 1969), Swiss Judaist and classical philologist
  • René Bloch (psychiatrist) (born 1937), Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist
  • Renée Bloch (1924-1955), French biblical pioneer of studies on targumic , midrashic and homiletic literature
  • Richard Bloch (1926–2004), American businessman
  • Richard L. Bloch (born 1929), American investor, real estate developer, banker, and philanthropist.
  • Robert Bloch (1917–1994), American writer
  • Robert Bloch (racing driver), French race car driver
  • Robert Josef Bloch (1888-1942), German Judge
  • Rolf Bloch (1930-2015), Swiss entrepreneur
  • Roman Yurievich Bloch (born 1986), Belarusian ice hockey player
  • Rosa Bloch-Bollag (1880-1922), Swiss revolutionary Marxist activist
  • Rosine Bloch (1844-1891), French operatic mezzo-soprano
  • Sabine Bloch (born 1966), German diplomat
  • Samson Bloch (1784-1845), Educator of Galicia
  • Scott Bloch, American lawyer and government official
  • Scotty Bloch, American actress
  • Sean Bloch (born 1973), South African Olympic cyclist
  • Serge Bloch (born 1956), French illustrator
  • Shani Bloch (born 1979), Israeli Olympic racing cyclist
  • Shlomo Bloch (1886-1976), Lithuanian Jew
  • Shmaryahu Yitzchak Bloch (c.1862–1923), English rabbi
  • Sonny Bloch (c.1937–1998), American radio show host
  • Spencer Bloch (born 1944), American mathematician
  • Stef Bloch (born 1971), French director and photographer
  • Stella Bloch (1897-1999), American artist, dancer and journalist
  • Susan Bloch (1940–1982), American theatrical press agent
  • Suzanne Bloch (1907-2002), Swiss-American musician and an influential pioneer of Early Music Revival during the 20th century
  • Thomas Bloch (born 1962), French classical musician
  • Uwe Bloch (born 1956), German football player
  • Vincent Bloch (born 1975), French sociologist and anthropologist
  • Waldemar Bloch (1906–1984), Austrian composer
  • Walter Bloch (born 1943), Swiss philologist , philosopher and writer
  • Werner Bloch (1890-1973), German politician of the SPD
  • Wilhelm Bloch (sports physician) (born 1959), German sports physician and university teacher
  • Yakov Noevich Bloch (1892-1968), Russian journalist , translator and publisher , theater expert
  • Yitzhak Bloch (1913-1994), Israeli hotel manager
  • Yoni Bloch (born 1981), Israeli musician, songwriter, composer, rock singer and hi-tech entrepreneur.
  • Yosef Yehuda Leib Bloch (1860-1929), Lithuanian rabbi

Named for André Bloch

Named for Felix Bloch

  • Bloch oscillation, oscillation of a particle if a constant force is acting on it
  • Bloch spectrum, concept in quantum mechanics
  • Bloch sphere, geometrical representation of the pure state space of a two-level quantum mechanical system
  • Bloch wall, narrow transition region at the boundary between magnetic domains
  • Bloch wave, wavefunction of a particle placed in a periodic potential

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