Bločice Karst Field

The Bločice Karst Field (pronounced [ˈbloːtʃitsɛ]; Slovene: Bločiško polje) is a dry karst field in Inner Carniola.[1]


The Bločice Karst Field lies near the village of Bločice, east of the Cerknica Karst Field,[2] west of the village of Bloška Polica, and south of the Bloke Plateau.[2] Several karst springs are located on the east side of the karst field, and Cold Cave (Slovene: Mrzla jama) is located at the southern edge. Cold Cave is one of only three known habitats in Slovenia of the vulnerable freshwater snail Belgrandiella globulosa.[3] The catchment area of the karst field belongs to the Bloke Plateau.[4]

The Bločice Karst Field has a mosaic-like cultural landscape of alternating tilled fields and pastures, orchards, and isolated trees, with a clear forested margin. It has been registered as cultural heritage[2] and new construction in the karst field is prohibited.[5]


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