Bločice (pronounced [ˈbloːtʃitsɛ], in older sources also Obločice,[2] German: Obloschitz[2]) is a village east of Grahovo in the Municipality of Cerknica in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia.[3]

Location in Slovenia
Coordinates: 45°45′49.23″N 14°27′14.35″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional regionInner Carniola
Statistical regionLittoral–Inner Carniola
  Total4.32 km2 (1.67 sq mi)
622.5 m (2,042.3 ft)


Bločice was attested in written sources in 1397 as Oblaczicz.[4] It is a diminutive of the regional name *Obloke (which developed into Bloke), which is probably derived from the prepositional phrase *ob(ь) lǫky or *ob(ь) lǫkaxъ 'next to the flood-meadow(s)'.[4] Originally the name therefore means 'little Bloke' (cf. also Male Bloke, literally 'little Bloke', and Velike Bloke, literally 'big Bloke'). In the past it was known as Obločice in Slovene and Obloschitz in German.[2]


The local church in the settlement is dedicated to Saints Primus and Felician and belongs to the Parish of Grahovo.[5] It was first mentioned in written documents dating to 1397 and its interior preserves some mid- to late-15th century frescos. The main altar dates to 1672.[6]


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