Blindfolded tourism

A blind tour (also blindfold/blindfolded tourism/sightseeing or cecitourism[1]) is a contemporary concept in tourism.[2] A form of experimental travel, it is a guided tour in which the tourist is blindfolded for the entire duration of the tour while being talked through the visited areas, as opposed to traditional sightseeing. A blind tour is a very different experience owing to the absence of one vital sense, sight, thereby stimulating the other relevant senses, namely hearing, feel and smell. The concept has been related to that of the "dark restaurant", where there is no light for diners to see what they eat.[3]

A "blindfold tour" to savour the smells of the City of London was proposed as far back as 1970.[4] More recently, blindfolded tours have been offered in a range of mainly urban locations, including tours of Prague Castle,[5] Tirana in Albania,[6] Vancouver,[7] and the Alfama quarter of Lisbon.[3] The German artist Christian Jankowski has undertaken two blind tours: one in Dubai[8][9] and one in Montevideo, where he led a group of blindfolded journalists.[10]

The activity has been featured in a list of "25 Craziest Things To Do Before You Die".[11]

In some cases a blind tour may involve offering the tourist a video of their tour following completion of the tour.[6]

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