Black Shirt (film)

Black Shirt (Italian: Camicia nera) is a 1933 Italian drama film directed by Giovacchino Forzano.[1] The film was made by the Istituto Luce as a propaganda work to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Mussolini's Fascist regime. It portrays events in Italy from the beginning of the First World War to the coming to power of Mussolini and the transformation of the country since. It combines elements of normal fiction films, documentary and futurist influences.

Black Shirt
Directed byGiovacchino Forzano
Produced byGiovacchino Forzano
Eugenio Fontana
Written byGiovacchino Forzano
Music byGian Luca Tocchi
CinematographyMario Albertelli
Eugenio Bava
Mario Craveri
Ercole Granata
Giulio Rufini
Edited byGiovacchino Forzano
Mario Bonotti
Distributed byIstituto Luce
Release date
23 March 1933
Running time
73 minutes

The film The Old Guard, released the following year, is also set in the period leading up to the March on Rome.


  • Enrico Marroni as Il marinaio
  • Antonietta Mecale as La moglie del fabbro
  • Enrico Da Rosa as Il fabbro
  • Guido Petri as Il suocero
  • Lamberto Patacconi as Il figlio a 4 anni
  • Pino Locchi as Il figlio a 8 anni
  • Vinicio Sofia as Il sovversivo
  • Renato Tofone as Don Venanzio, il parroco
  • Avelio Bandoni as Un combattente
  • Leo Bartoli as Un combattente
  • Annibale Betrone as Il sindaco
  • Luisella Ciocca as Una popalana romana
  • Attila Della Spora as Un combattente
  • Giovanni Ferrari as Un combattente
  • Loris Gizzi as Un acceso sovversivo
  • Anna Konopleff


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