Black River (Tasmania)

The Black River is a perennial river for most of its length, located in the north-western region of Tasmania, Australia.[2]

Black River (Tasmania)
Location of the Black River mouth in Tasmania
Physical characteristics
Sourcebelow Mount Dipwood
  locationin the Dip Range
  coordinates41°02′17″S 145°27′24″E
  elevation332 m (1,089 ft)
MouthBass Strait
Wiltshire / Black River midpoint
40°50′16″S 145°18′49″E
0 m (0 ft)
Length55.8 km (34.7 mi)

Location and features

The river rises below Mount Dipwood (over 530 m (1,740 ft))[note 1] in the Dip Range (over 620 m (2,030 ft)),[note 2] and flows generally north into Bass Strait between the localities of Wiltshire and Black River.[1] The river descends 332 metres (1,089 ft) over its 55.8-kilometre (34.7 mi) course.[3]

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