Black Box Distribution

Black Box Distribution was a skateboard distributor owned by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. Prior to October 2014, it served seven brands, three of which were owned by Thomas: Fallen Footwear, Mystery Skateboards and Zero Skateboards. In June 2015, the company no longer existed, and the Zero and Fallen brands were distributed by Dwindle Distribution.[1]


The company was founded in 2000, thereby allowing Thomas to distribute his Zero Skateboards brand, which had been founded as the Zero Division apparel brand in 1996. The brand was initially supported by American distributor Tum Yeto (responsible for distributing Thomas' previous skateboard deck sponsor Toy Machine).[2] The company's headquarters was established in Carlsbad, California, U.S.,[3] and prior to its closure in 2014, it distributed the Zero, Fallen Footwear, Slave, Threat, Destroyer, Mystery, and New Balance Numeric brands.[4]

In 2006 Thomas won an Ernst & Young regional Entrepreneur of the Year Award as founder/president of Black Box.[5] Black Box eventually founded Cinco Maderas, a Mexico based woodshop that manufactures the skateboard decks for Mystery, Slave and Zero.

Black Box announced a partnership with surf and skate clothing label, Insight, in mid-2009, but in 2014, the brand is no longer featured on the Black Box website. At the time of the announcement, Thomas explained: "My personal opinion is that Insight is a rad brand, and I think that’s what matters most ... it’s the raw elements and passion behind what it is more so than what category it supports most, whether it be surf, skate, or fashion. It’s so original and raw that I find it inspiring."[6]

Transition to Dwindle

In a June 2014 interview with the Jenkem online publication, Thomas explained that the Dwindle Distribution skateboard company—responsible for the Enjoi, Blind Skateboards, Almost Skateboards, Darkstar and Cliché Skateboards brands—will take over "the sales, finance, production and distribution aspects" of the Zero and Fallen brands. Thomas further explained that the Zero employees will remain independent and will focus on "the team, marketing and creative aspects" of the brand.[7] However, in an October 2014 interview, former Zero rider Chris Cole stated that the entirety of Black Box had moved to Dwindle, so the exact terms of the transition are unclear.[8]

Zero Skateboards

Team (as of July 12, 2018)


  • Jamie Thomas
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • James Brockman
  • Jon Allie
  • Dane Burman
  • Tony Cervantes
  • Windsor James[9]


  • Chris Wimer

Fallen Footwear

Fallen Footwear is a skate shoe company that was founded as a partnership between Thomas and DC Shoes in 2003.[10]

Team (as of June 7, 2015)

  • Jamie Thomas
  • Tony Cervantes
  • Tommy Sandoval
  • Brian "Slash" Hansen
  • Dane Burman
  • Jon Dickson[11]

Slave Skateboards

Slave Skateboards (styled as $lave Skateboards), owned by former Black Box artist Ben Horton, was launched under the distribution company in 2007. The brand's debut full-length video Radio-Television premiered in September 2009.[12] The brand is no longer associated with the Black Box commercial entity.

Team (as of June 7, 2015)

  • Jon Allie
  • Matt Mumford
  • AJ Zavala
  • Jon Goemann
  • Anthony Schultz
  • Pat Burke
  • Frecks
  • Danny Dicola
  • Conhuir Lynn[13]


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