Black's Medical Dictionary

Black's Medical Dictionary (42nd ed, 2010, ISBN 978-1-4081-0419-4) is a comprehensive medical dictionary featuring definitions of medical terms, concepts and conditions, published by A & C Black Publishers. It was first published in 1906, and is now in its forty-second edition. It is considered a simplified home reference for medical terms.[1] According to the publisher, It contains over 5000 definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts with over 1000 diagrams.

Black's Medical Dictionary: 42nd Edition
Black's Medical Dictionary
EditorHarvey Marcovitch
CountryUnited States
GenreMedical, Dictionaries & Terminology
Published2010 (A&C Black, 2010)
Media typePrint (hardcover)
Pages848 pp (42nd edition)

The latest edition contains new and expanded sections on:

On April 1, 2010, Bloomsbury Academic & Professional became the new U.S. publisher of A&C Black titles. Distribution continues through Macmillan Publishers.[2]

List of editors

  • John Dixon Comrie[3]
    • 1906 (1st edition) – 1942 (17th edition)
  • H. A. Clegg
    • 1944 (18th edition)
  • W. A. R. Thomson
    • 1948 (19th edition) – 1984 (34th edition)
  • C. W. H. Havard
    • 1987 (35th edition) – 1990 (36th edition)
  • Gordon MacPherson
    • 1992 (37th edition) – 2002 (40th edition)
  • Harvey Marcovitch
    • 2005 (41st edition) -


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