Bioregenerative life support system

Bioregenerative life support systems (BLSS) are artificial ecosystems consisting of many complex symbiotic relationships among higher plants, animals, and microorganisms. As the most advanced life support technology, BLSS can provide a habitation environment similar to the Earth's biosphere for space missions with extended durations, in deep space, and with multiple crews.[1][2][3]

See also

  • Life support system  Technology that allows survival in hostile environments
  • Biosphere 2  Artificial closed ecological system
  • BIOS-3  A closed ecosystem at the Institute of Biophysics in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
  • Yuegong-1  A Chinese research facility for developing a moon base
  • MELiSSA  ESA life support system development project
  • Closed ecological system  Ecosystem that does not exchange matter with the exterior


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