Bimal Mitra

Bimal Mitra (1912–1991) was an Indian writer in Bengali. Bimal Mitra was equally adept in writing in Bengali as well as in Hindi, and wrote more than one hundred novels and short stories. Many of Bimal Mitra's novels have been made into successful films. One of his most popular works, Shaheb Bibi Golam (January 1953) which was adapted into a hugely popular movie. He also earned a Filmfare nomination for Best Story for the film.[1]

Bimal Mitra
Born18 March 1912
Fatehpur, Bengal Province, British India
Died2 December 1991(1991-12-02) (aged 78)
GenreNovelist, Stories
Notable worksSaheb Bibi Golam, Kori Diye Kinlaam
Notable awardsRabinder Award

Set in the last years of the nineteenth century, the novel tells the story of the sumptuous lifestyle and the decay of a feudal family. It is the story of Pateshwari, aka Chhoto Bou, a woman who wants to experience romance, to be a real wife, to invent for herself and live a new kind of conjugality. The book also tells the story of Calcutta, now Kolkata, and of all the people who lived there.

Asami Hazir is another popular work of Bimal Mitra. The novel is based on the true story of a man who wants to repent for the sins of his father and grandfather. The novel was adapted into a TV series for Doordarshan - Mujrim Hazir.

He had served in railways in Bilaspur for long years. He was working in the Chakradharpur Division in the 1940s in the Control Organisation. One of his novelettes Char Chokher Khela is based on the lives of the Anglo-Indian population of Chakradharpur railway colony.[2]

He resigned from Indian Railway Services in 1950 at the age of 38 only to become a devoted full-time writer.

Mitra died on December 2, 1991 at his residence in South Calcutta.[3]

Literary works

  1. Saheb Bibi Golam (King, Queen and Slave)
  2. Kori Diye Kinlaam (Bought With Money)
  3. Begum Mary Bishwas (A Historical Novel of the Period of Nawab Siraujdalla / British Lord Clive)
  4. Ekak Dasak Shatak (Uni Deci Centi)
  5. Asami Hazir (At Your Service)
  6. Pati Param guru
  7. Rajabadal
  8. Sab Jhut hai
  9. Ei Norodeho (This Human body)
  10. Mrityuheen (Deathless)
  11. Tomra dujone mile
  12. Gulmohor
  13. Ja debi

Short Stories

  1. Neelnesha
  2. Bonshodhor
  3. Lojjahoro
  4. Jenana Sambad
  5. Putul Didi
  6. Amrutyu
  7. Milonanto
  8. Dori
  9. R ekjon Mohapurush
  10. RaniSaheba
  11. Gharonti
  12. Satashe Srabon
  13. Ashukaka
  14. Nimaontrito Indranath
  15. Amir o Urboshi

etc. and many more


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