Billy Weber

Billy Weber (born 1958) is an American film editor with several film credits dating from Days of Heaven (1978).[1]

Billy Weber
Born1958 (age 6061)
OccupationFilm editor, film director
Years active1973–present

One of Weber's first editing roles was as associate editor (as William Weber) on Terrence Malick's first feature as a director, Badlands (1973). Badlands was edited by Robert Estrin; Weber edited Malick's next film Days of Heaven (1978). When Malick returned to film directing twenty years later with The Thin Red Line (1998); he once again hired Weber to edit it, along with Leslie Jones and Saar Klein. While Weber did not edit Malick's next film The New World, he was an associate producer on the project. Most recently, Weber was one of five collaborating editors on Malick's fifth feature, The Tree of Life (2011).

Beyond this notable collaboration with Malick, Weber has edited Beverly Hills Cop (directed by Martin Brest, 1984), Top Gun (Tony Scott, 1986) and Midnight Run (Brest, 1988).

Weber was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Film Editing for Top Gun; he was nominated again for an Academy Award, as well as for an ACE Eddie Award and the Satellite Award, for The Thin Red Line. Days of Heaven was listed as the 45th best-edited film of all time in a survey of the membership of the Motion Picture Editors Guild.[2]

Weber has directed one film, Josh and S.A.M. (1993), that was produced by Martin Brest.

Filmography (as editor)


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