Bibliography of King Arthur

This is a bibliography of works about King Arthur, his related world, family, friends or enemies. This bibliography includes works that are notable or are by notable authors.

6th century

9th century

10th century



11th century


  • The Legend of St. Goeznovius c. 1019
    (Saxon resurgence when Arthur is "recalled from the actions of the world" may be reference to his immortality.[2] Vortigern mentioned)
  • Vita Sancti Cadoc by Lifris of Llancarfan c. 1086
    (Arthur wants to ravish Gwladys whom Gundliauc elopes with, but aids them by Kay and Bedivere's counsel. St. Cadoc harbors a killer of Arthur's men and pays cattle as recompense, but they transform into bundles of ferns.[3])


12th century



French and Anglo-Norman

(Robert de Borons verse Josephe d'Arimathie and 300 lines of Merlin are extant. A prose version of Josephe d'Arimathie, Merlin, Perzival trilogy, supposedly by Robert exists in two MSS.)
  • Lai du Cor by Robert Biket. (Caradoc succeeds in drinking from horn, proves wife's chastity.) [16]
  • La Mantel Mautaillé. (Caradoc's wife passes chastity test by wearing ill-fitting mantel.)


13th century

French, Anglo-Norman or Provençal



  • Brother Robert's prose renditions
    • Tristrams saga ok Ísöndar 1226 (Norse reworking Tristan by Thomas of Britain)
    • Ivens Saga 1226 (Norse reworking of Chrétien de Troyes' Yvain, the Knight of the Lion)
    • Erex Saga, perhaps originally by Robert. (Text probably changed in MS. transmission. A Norse reworking of Chrétien's Erec and Enide)
    • Möttuls saga, adaptation of the "ill-fitting mantle" story.
  • Strengleikar (Translations of lais mostly by Marie de France)
    • "Geitarlauf" (Translation of Chevrefoil)
    • "Januals ljóð" (Translation of Lanval)



  • Walewein en het schaakbord, by Penninc and Pieter Vostaert
  • Roman van Ferguut (translation and reworking of the Roman de Fergus)
  • The Lancelot-Compilatie (an adaptation of the Lancelot-Grail and other romances, 10 in all:[19])
    • Lanceloet
    • Perchevael
    • Morien (Moriaen)
    • Queeste vanden Grale
    • Wrake van Ragisel (Adaptation of Vengeance Raguidel)
    • Ridder metter mouwen ("The Knight with the Sleeve" )
    • Walewein ende Keye
    • Lanceloet en het hert met de witte voet ("Lancelot and the Stag with the White Foot")
    • Torec, by Jacob van Maerlant
    • Arturs doet


  • Melech Artus ("King Artus"), a 1279 Hebrew translation, and the first in that language, which was published in Italy. Contains several short parts of the Vulgate Cycle: the Pendragon's seduction of Igraine and Arthur's death. Total of 5 pages, at the end of a larger codex on calendar astronomy titled Sefer ha-I'bbur ("the book of making leap years"). Anonymous author.[20]


14th century



(All dates for the Welsh compositions are controversial)


  • Tavola Rotonda, Anonymous




15th century




  • Skikkju Rimur, (a rendition of the "ill-fitting mantle" story)

16th century



  • Tristan Romance, preserved in fragmentary form in several MSS.


  • Povest Trychane 1560s

17th century



  • Widwilt (Yiddish reworking of Le Bel Inconnu)

18th century

  • Warton, Thomas (1728–1790)
    • "The Grave of King Arthur" (1777)
    • "On King Arthur's Round-table at Winchester" (1777)
  • Vortigern and Rowena by W. H. Ireland (1799) (A Shakespearian forgery)

19th century

20th century

21st century



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