Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! (English: is bhabhiji at home!) (colloquially known as Bhabiji which, literally meaning "brother's wife (+ -ji)", is a term of respect used by the brothers-in-law or outsiders for the woman-of-the-house or for any married woman, added after their name to give respect in South Asia[1][6]) is an Indian Hindi-language sitcom TV show that premiered on 2 March 2015 on &TV.[7] The series is produced by Benaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli under the banner of Edit II Productions.

Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain!
Promotional poster
Also known asBhabiji[1]
Written byManoj Santoshi[1]
Directed byShashank Bali
StarringSee below
Opening themeBhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain!
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes1251
Producer(s)Benaifer Kohli
Sanjay Kohli
Production location(s)Naigaon[3][4][5]
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20–22 minutes
Production company(s)Edit II Productions
Original network&TV
Picture format
Original release2 March 2015 (2015-03-02) 
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The show revolves around two neighbouring couples, the Mishras and the Tiwaris, in which the husbands are attracted to each other's wives and attempt various tropes to impress them while constantly failing to do so.[8]

Since its inception, the show has garnered positive reviews and acclaim from the critics and viewers alike. Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! is inspired by the 1994 Hindi sitcom Shrimaan Shrimati.[9]


The show takes place in the fictional "Modern Colony" located in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India and revolves around two neighbouring couples. Both the husbands are fed up with their respective marriages and are smitten by each other's wives, unbeknownst to each other. Manmohan Tiwari is a successful undergarment businessman, whose wife Angoori is a simple and naive housewife. Their neighbour, Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, used to be an unsuccessful insurance agent and is now unemployed. Often called as "Nalla" (a slang for being unemployed), he spends most of his time doing household chores. On the other hand, his wife Anita is a headstrong, smart and modern day lady who runs grooming classes. She is the breadwinner of the family and despises her husband's unemployment and sheer laziness.

Their houses are in opposite direction across the street, with the Tiwaris residing in House no. 6 and the Mishras living in House no. 9. The Tiwaris have their own house while the Mishras live in a rental house that belonged to Anita's uncle. Most of the plot takes place at their respective homes. The characters also visit a nearby tea stall 'Gupta Tea Center' where they mostly discuss their ongoing lives and general affairs.

As both the men devise schemes to impress each other's wives, they pull each other down and in-turn, create problematic situations for everybody else. Other recurring characters include Amma Ji (Manmohan Tiwari's strict mother), Ladoo (Manmohan Tiwari's little brother), Happu Singh (A corrupt Police Inspector), Anokhelal Saxena (A crazy man with genius level skills and a love for electric shocks), Teeka and Malkhan (two rowdy boys), Tillu (Tiwari's shop employee), Prem Choudhary (Vibhuti's rich but dubious friend), Gulfam Kali (Kanpur's best courtesan), David Mishra (Vibhuti's rich NRI uncle from UK), Pelu Chaurasia (Rickshaw puller of the locality), Resham Pal Singh (Kanpur's Commissioner) and many more.

Cast and characters


  • Aashif Sheikh as Vibhuti Ahuti Narayan Mishra, the unemployed husband of Anita Mishra. Often called 'Nalla' for being jobless, which has become a running gag on the show, he has fallen for the simple-minded Angoori Tiwari. He is known to be highly educated but still won't do a regular job out of his ego. His plans to woo Angoori but usually fails due to her naivety and this puts him in dire situations. He has a best friend Prem Chaudhary, with whom he hangs out and sometimes devices schemes to earn money through odd ways. He hates Manmohan Tiwari because he thinks Tiwari doesn't deserve a wife like Angoori who puts him above anything else. He has tried numerous times to degrade Tiwari's image in front of Angoori to negative results. Although he claims to be 'Chhapra University Topper', his Uncle David Mishra revealed that he bought the degree for him during his college. He has a talent of saying poetry and tries to tell Angoori that he loves her by saying poetry in Hindi and Urdu.
  • Rohitash Gaud as Manmohan Tiwari, a successful undergarments businessman, who is attracted to the modern and elegant Anita Mishra. He is called Kaccha-Baniyaan (crude words for undergarments) by Vibhuti because he thinks Tiwari's business is disgraceful. He is known to be petty and stingy yet a very cunning person. He always tries to manipulate situations in his favour, sometimes to impress Anita Mishra, with little to no success. He has a love-hate relationship with his overtly dominating mother and gets irritated whenever Angoori follows his mother's wishes blindly, even if it gets him in peril. He gets very defensive whenever Vibhuti asks him about his mother's connections to Pandit Ramphal or about his father who is said to have become a sage in the Himalayas.
  • Shilpa Shinde as Angoori Manmohan Tiwari (March 2015 – March 2016) – Shinde left the series after a dispute with the series' producer, Binaifer Kohli and former channel head Vikas Gupta.[10]
  • Shubhangi Atre Poorey as Angoori Manmohan Tiwari – In April 2016, Atre replaced Shinde in the role of Angoori from episode 301 onwards. She is a traditional Indian housewife who likes to wear lehenga style saree, sindoor and mangalasutra and has a Bhojpuri accent.[11] Being a simple, naive and loving woman who easily believes anybody and everybody, she is very kind-hearted and innocent by nature. She performs various superstitious rituals sometimes told to her by her loving mother-in-law which leads to hilarious outcomes. She cooks the most delicious food. She usually speaks English words incorrectly, leading to everybody around her correcting her vocabulary, which she follows by her now iconic line "sahi pakde hai" (you have caught it right as if you got the meaning right) to acknowledge that the person understood what she was trying to say.[12] When she gets upset with Tiwari, she calls her mother-in-law known as Amma Ji. Sometimes, Angoori also insults Vibhuti in her own innocent ways. She has a good friendship with Anita.
  • Saumya Tandon as Anita Vibhuti Narayan Mishra, an elegant modern day lady who runs her grooming classes in Kanpur. She is a headstrong and smart lady. She is a black belt in karate. Vibhuti's unemployment really irritates her which is why she dominates him over every issue. To fulfill her romantic fantasies, she constantly forces Vibhuti to perform various characters like a thief, a robber, a college stud, a painter, a dacoit, an electrician, a cop among many others which most of the times frustrates him. She frequently taunts Vibhuti by comparing him with Manmohan Tiwari, which he hates. Whenever she gets upset over Vibhuti's antics, she throws him out of the house. She has a good friendship with Angoori. Anita often reads a magazine named 'Meri Chant Saheli' (My Clever Friend (female)) published by Kalavati Sharma, who speaks for women's empowerment and tries various tips and tricks from the magazine to test Vibhuti's loyalty towards herself.


  • Yogesh Tripathi as Daroga Happu Singh, a corrupt Daroga (police inspector) who has a secret crush on Anita whom he calls 'Gori Mem' (meaning "Fair Ma'am"). He demands bribes from everybody in exchange for favours from him (and calls them "nyochhaavar" which means sacrifices) much to the chagrin of the residents, to feed his "nine kids" and a "pregnant wife" although nobody believes him as he has been saying that for years now. He yearns for a promotion, but Police Commissioner Resham Pal always gets in his way. He is very short tempered and most of the time he is seen thrashing Tillu, Tika & Malkhan at the tea stall for their antics.
  • Saanand Verma as Anokhelal Saxena, more popularly known as Saxena Ji, a genius and talented but aptly crazy man with an obsession of electrocuting himself, getting tortured and eating almost anything that is poisonous or unhealthy, like lizard soup and cockroach tea. He usually expresses his joy of madness by saying his iconic "I Like It!!". Over the course of the show, he is shown to possess various talents like being a lawyer, an artist, an actor, a writer, a singer etc. It has never been clearly acknowledged on the show as to why he went mad in the first place.
  • Kishore Bhanushali as Resham Pal Singh, the Commissioner of Kanpur Police Department. He is known to be an honest and straightforward man who dislikes Happu Singh. He is a secret admirer of Gulfam Kali. Actor Kishore Bhanushali has been a lifelong impersonator of a late Indian film actor Dev Anand and he brings his characteristics to this role. He has also appeared as another character 'Sharma Uncle' in a 1-hour horror special episode previously before taking on this character later.
  • Vaibhav Mathur as Teeka Ram, a dim-wit unemployed guy, who always hangs out with Tillu and Malkhaan. He along with the other two share a rented place to live but have been kicked out of it several times by their landlord for flirting with his daughter.
  • Deepesh Bhan as Malkhan, an equally dim-witted guy like Teeka, always looking out to woo girls with bad results. He along with the other two are always seen trying to make easy money through odd jobs like kidnapping, selling stolen items, frauds etc. but are often caught and jailed. He is often seen in flirting sessions with girls which end with him and Teeka getting beaten by the girls or Daroga Happu Singh.
  • Syed Salim Zaidi as Tillu, Tiwari's shop employee who constantly plots against him so as to get back his 6 months unpaid salary. Although dim-witted, he is relatively more intelligent than Tika and Malkhan. He has taken severe measures to extort his salary out of his boss's pocket like robbing Tiwari's house, threat calls and kidnapping Tiwari's younger brother etc., but circumstances always turn against him and he is left empty-handed.
  • Soma Rathod as Ramkali Tiwari (Amma Ji), Tiwari's strict mother who constantly beats him for every mistake and loves her daughter-in-law, Angoori. It was revealed by Manmohan Tiwari that his father left her mother before his birth and that his birth was kept as a secret for some time due to certain unknown circumstances. Amma Ji is an avid follower of a famous astrologer and priest, Pundit Ramphal. He tells her various rituals which in turn Amma Ji makes Angoori perform to get health and wealth-related benefits. There are several hints given in the show that point at Pundit Ramphal being Manmohan Tiwari's actual biological father, but this has never been fully explored.
  • Falguni Rajani as Gulfam Kali, an infamous tawaif (courtesan) of Kanpur. Every male character has visited her place at some point in the show to admire her dance and beauty, except Saxena Ji who considers Gulfam Kali his sister. She is known to manipulate the men of the show because she knows secrets about every man that she knows and threatens to reveal them if they won't do her bidding. Although the women of the show do not like her presence, they do treat her with respect.
  • Vishwajeet Soni as Prem Chaudhary, Vibhuti's best friend who is a foul-mouthed cunning show-off, much to Vibhuti's ire. He comes from a rich background and deals in several illegal activities like gambling, smuggling etc. Despite all this, he is always there to help Vibhuti in rough times and often hangs out with him. He is disliked by Anita because she fears that Vibhuti might become a criminal in his influence.
  • Akshay Patil as Pelu Chaurasia, the colony's mute rickshaw puller. He communicates by pulling out message slips out of his muffler tied around his head. He is known for being a rather smart person. He ends conversations through his signature 'wide awkward smile'. He also carries a portable radio, providing songs appropriate to often hilarious situations.
  • Anup Upadhyay as David Mishra, Vibhuti's UK based rich uncle who always visits him in awkward situations. He is known to be very rich although his business is unknown. Whenever he visits Vibhuti, he brings papers to his ₹20 crore property, so he can name Vibhuti his heir. But, due to one reason or another, he and sometimes others too tear the papers apart to pieces. He often asks Pelu "London mein taxi chalaega?" (Would You Like To Drive Taxi in London?) whenever he comes to Kanpur as he likes his company.
  • Jeetu Gupta as Dr. Gupta, a doctor who is basically a "tantrik", as he always tells people. He performs black magic on his patients to cure them because his prescriptions never work.
  • Rakesh Bedi as Bhoorey Lal, Angoori's alcoholic but loving father, who hates Tiwari for marrying her by lying about his profession. He likes Vibhuti and sometimes when he's drunk, he mumbles about preferring him as his son-in-law if he would have found him sooner, much to the dismay of Tiwari.
  • Vijay Kumar Singh as Master Bhoop Singh. He is a Masterji (teacher) in Ladoo's school. Bhoop Singh is a believer of strict Indian moral values or "Sanskar" as he calls them. In the show, he is the caricature of old-fashioned teachers from rural India. He wears khadi jacket, carries an Indian style side-bag called "Jhola" and always has a long and thin bamboo stick called "Santi" to beat someone with if they misbehave. Whenever, he witnesses any improper behaviour in public, he always recites his catchphrase which is Sanskar naam ka cheez hai ki nahi? lit. (Do you have any moral values or not?).
  • Saurabh Kaushik as Panditji, he is disciple of pundit Ramphal.
  • Hardik Gohil as Laddoo Tiwari, who is the younger brother of Manmohan Tiwari and Ramkali's younger son. He favours his sister-in-law, Angoori more than his own brother and thinks of her as his second mother, as he would call her, 'Bhabhi Ma'. He is known to have a subtle-telepathic ability and could listen to thoughts about what others are thinking whenever they are around.
  • Anup Kumar Singh as Pundit Ramphal, the famous astrologer and priest whom Ammaji blindly follows and gets ideas from him for various superstitious rituals to get health and wealth-related benefits. He has also appeared as various other characters before and after, such as govt. officials such as CBI officer, IT officer and TTE Namepal Singh from Episodes 474 to 476.
  • Naveen Bawa as various characters, including businessman Bhushan Bhabhuta from Bhabhuta Builders in Episodes 276 to 278 and Anita's American cousin brother Mark Shutermurgh in Episodes 682 through 686.
  • Feroz as Chhedi, a flirting Dhobi (washerman) of the locality.
  • Sohit Vijay Soni as News Anchor and also as Various Characters.
  • Rajeev Mehra as various characters including a Minister of Uttar Pradesh and also the new police commissioner.
  • Pallavi as various characters including Kallo, Siskari and Pinku.
  • Akshita Sethi as Meenal, Anita's close friend.


Background and production

Development and writing

After the successful launch of &pictures in November 2014, the ZEEL network went ahead with its plan to launch the second channel under the "&" network brand, titled "&tv", to be launched in March 2015.[16] The channel's original content line-up was announced in early 2015 with "Bhabiji..." being one of them, announced as a light-hearted comedy sitcom. Promos were aired on all of ZEE network with an aggressive marketing strategy. The channel intended to place "Bhabiji..." in a late night slot as a comedy show for adults.[17]

In a 2016 interview, one of the lead actors Rohitash Gaud cited that the show was initially developed as an adult comedy show for the male viewers. He said, "We show (adult jokes) in a very subtle way. We made this show for men. We were not focusing on women or children. But when we saw that children were getting attached to it, then we thought of lowering down the naughty element of the show".[18]

About Angoori's catchphrase "Sahee Pakde Hai", director Shashank Bali recalled that they came up with the idea after the first day of the shoot, when the show's writer and his close friend Manoj Santoshi called him and asked him if they can give Angoori a catchphrase, for whenever her English would go wrong, she would say that. He further told that the way Santoshi said ' Sahi Pakde Hai ' excited him very much. The next day, they both met Shinde and requested her to get familiar with the dialogue and after that, Shinde did it effortlessly and it became a mainstay of the show.[19]


Before the show went into production, Rashmi Desai was chosen to play the character of 'Angoori'. But Desai rejected the role because of age differences between her and co-actor Rohitash Gaud and the role went to Shilpa Shinde.[20] Actor Aasif Sheikh has revealed that before the production of the show started, he suggested the makers to cast Shilpa Shinde, when he heard about the character of 'Angoori' for the first time.[21] After one year in April 2016,[22] approximately 80 actresses auditioned for the role of Angoori and Shubhangi Atre was selected after the unexpected exit of Shinde from the series.[23]


The set of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain! is located in Naigaon.[3][4][5]

In October 2016,[24] film actress Sunny Leone came in for a sequence shoot on the set of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!. While on set, she refused to say Angoori's catchphrase "Sahi Pakde Hain" ("You got it right!") as she thought it has a vulgar meaning. It took approximately one hour for the makers to convince her that Angoori says this line in literal context and has no vulgar meaning to it and the shoot was resumed.[25]

In March 2018, the entire show cast and crew went to Goa, a popular beach holiday destination in South-West India to celebrate 3rd year anniversary of the show and shot an entire story sequence named 'Kanpur To Goa'.[26]


The "BhabiJi Rap Song", sung, composed and written by Anmol Malik and Raftaar. The soundtrack for the serial was released on 25 February 2017 by Zee Music Company.[27]

Themes and analysis

The show, while having an adult premise as compared to most other Indian TV shows, has tried to defy the general exceptions and gender equality from a female character on the show, according to one of the female lead Saumya Tandon. While explaining the norms of Indian television industry, she said:

I play 'Gori Mem' Anita Bhabhi's character. I feel she one-of-a-kind Bhabhi on Indian TV. When all the heroines of Indian TV are poor innocent women crying for help all the time, battered by husbands and in-laws, Anita is wacky, bold, romantic, strong and independent. She breaks all norms of a stereotypical Bhabhi or a TV heroine. In such a male-dominated society if she has managed to steal peoples hearts, that shows our society is not all that regressive. She has shown the world that heroines can get TRPs even laughing and not just by crying.[28]

In August 2018, Shubhangi Atre told that the audiences want a wife like character Angoori.[29]


In November 2016 The show was extended by one more day, named "Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Shanivaar Special" in which celebrities visit the sets.[30] Shanivaar Special episodes were aired on Saturdays, with celebrity guest stars appearing as part of plot woven around them and subsequently interviewed by main cast. The specials ran for 9 episodes. A 'Sunday Horror Special' was aired in June 2016.


A spin-off titled Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, based upon the character of Daroga Happu Singh, had been green lighted by &TV in late 2018. Apart from Happu Singh, the show features his mother, dead father, wife and nine children. The show premiered on 4 March 2019.[31][32]


Critical reception

Since the show's inception in 2015, it has garnered positive reviews and acclaim from the critics and viewers alike.[33] In 2015, TVR ratings confirmed that Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! got higher viewership than the popular reality show Bigg Boss, which had the same time-slot and hosted by actor Salman Khan.[6] Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! is one of the most watched sitcoms in Pakistan.[34]

In a 2016 interview, the show's director Shashank Bali have acknowledged that when Shilpa Shinde left the show and Shubhangi Atre was roped in for the role of 'Angoori', the show's ratings went down. He said, "Viewers were so involved with the original cast. When Shilpa got replaced, the connection broke with the viewers; hence we dropped in numbers. Now we have again recovered the original rating".[19]

According to the, "Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai! is still at the top in the TRP charts. The show which never fails to impress the audience with its rib-tickling comedy and talented actors is one of the most loved shows on Indian television".[35]

In 2017, the show became questionable for its publicity when co-actress of the show, Shilpa Shinde participated in Bigg Boss. The reporter asked a question during an interview of co-actor of the show Aasif Sheikh that, is the show is receiving lots of fame because of Shilpa Shinde participation in Bigg Boss 11? Aasif Sheikh replied to the statement of a reporter by saying, "Our show is doing good, which is what matters. Publicity is publicity whether it is good or bad".[36]

According to the report of Daily News and Analysis, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! is a top ranking sitcom on local primetime television.[37] In 2018, union minister Kiren Rijiju in his tweet, inform that he and his wife are enthusiastic followers of Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai![37]

Catchphrases used by the characters, particularly Angoori's "Sahi Pakde Hain", Vibhuti's "I am sa-a-ah-ree (a humorously exaggerated take on "sorry")...I'm really, really sah-ree", that of Saxena Ji's "I like it", Happu Singh's "Arre Dada" and Masterji's "Sanskar naam ka cheez hai ki nahi" have become popular from the show.[38][39][40] Given the show's popularity, in 2017, it was reported that the show will be adapted for British and Anglo-Spanish Audience, produced by ZEE Studios under the title 'Love Thy Neighbor'.[41]

Awards and nominations

Indian Telly Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2015Shilpa ShindeBest Actress In A Comic RoleWon[42]
Saumya TandonNominated[42]
Rohitash GaudBest Actor In A Comic RoleWon[42]
Aashif SheikhNominated[42]
Shashank BaliBest Director (Sitcom)Won[42]
Manoj SantoshiBest Dialogue Writer (Sitcom or Comedy)
Raghuvir ShekhawatBest Screenplay Writer (Sitcom/Comedy)
Indian Television Academy Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2016Shubhangi AtreBest Actress – ComedyWon[43]
Saumya TandonNominated
Aashif SheikhBest Actor – ComedyWon[43]
Rohitash GaudNominated
Shashank BaliBest Director – Comedy (Jury)Won[43]
Manoj SantoshiBest Dialogues (Jury)

Lions Gold Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2018Shubhangi AtreBest Actress In Comic RoleWon[44]


In March 2016, actress Shilpa Shinde made an unexpected exit from the show.[45] Shinde made several allegations against producers Benaifer Kohli,[46] Sanjay Kohli,[46][47] co-actress Saumya Tandon,[48] and &TV programming head Vikas Gupta.[49] Shinde stated that she was forced to leave the show[50] and was owed 32 lakh (3.2 million rupees).[51][48] Benaifer Kohli responded in September 2016 that Shinde's salary had been raised two times in the past as per her demand.[52]

The matter was taken to Cine and TV Artists Association (CINTAA) and soon after that, Edit II Productions dispatched a legal document to Shinde for her unexplained absence from the production, which continued.[53][54]

Shinde mentioned that the makers were discriminating between her and Tandon, citing lack of personal staff for her.[45][55] Benaifer Kohli denied the discrimination claim and said that she never refused any demand from Shinde regarding her costumes, jewellery or make-up.[56] Tandon stated: "At the beginning of the show when I signed the contract, I had made it clear to the producers that I will manage my own designer and make-up".[57]

On 3 March 2016,[58] Sanjay Kohli announced that the show would be replacing Shinde, who he accused of unprofessional behaviour.[58] Shinde stated that &TV was falsely accusing her of unprofessionalism because she refused to sign a new contract with a clause that she not portray a character like Angoori in the future.[59] Binaifer Kohli demanded approximately 12 crore (120 million rupees)[60] from Shinde, citing breach of contract as Shinde was trying to work on another show.[45][61] Shinde said that there was no such clause and accused Kohli of contract tempering.[62]

In March 2017, Shinde filed a First Information Report (FIR)[54][63] against Sanjay Kohli, who she accused of sexual harassment.[64][46] According to the FIR:

Shilpa has alleged that Sanjay often tried to take advantage of her and called her hot and sexy. She said that he even touched her inappropriately once to which she objected with a firm no. Sanjay threatened her that he will throw her out of the show if she spoke to anyone about this. Next day, he again came to her make-up room and told her to get into a physical relationship with him if she wanted to stay on the show. She alleged that her make-up man saw this happening, after which he was fired.[65]

Shinde also stated that she talked about the matter to her co-actress Saumya Tandon.[48] Shinde further said that after listening to the matter, Tandon's reply was: "No one rapes in our industry, Shilpa".[48] Shinde stated that Benaifer Kohli tried to bury the matter and threatened her.[46] Tandon responded to Shinde's statement:

It is so sad that she used my name. Saying that she confided in me is not true at all. I shared a very professional relationship with her. [...] I didn't get any such vibes from my producer [Sanjay Kohli] and I never noticed him having such kind of intention for any other female on our sets. In fact, he doesn't really come on the sets and he never goes to any actor's room or vanity at all, so I didn't experience any such thing.[48]

In April 2017, actress Sameeksha Singh, who worked with producers Binaifer Kholi and Sanjay Kholi in their serial Zaara, stated that she was in the same situation when she was working with them. She said that Sanjay Kohli used to flirt with her but his actions were unacceptable in Shinde's situation.[66] Television actress Kavita Kaushik who worked with Sanjay Kohli on his show FIR, questioned Shinde as to why she was quiet for one year and accused Shinde of being a bad example for other girls.[67] Shinde replied to Kaushik by saying that she was facing lots of problems at that time and that it is very difficult to talk about sexual harassment in public.[67]

In April 2017, Benaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli registered a case against Shinde for defamation.[68]

On 13 February 2018,[69][70] Shinde stated that the show's makers had approached her and requested her to finish the matter and she had retracted her FIR against Sanjay Kohli.[70][71]

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