Beverage opener

A beverage opener (also known as a multi-opener) is a device used to open beverage cans, plastic bottles or glass bottles, which are the three most common beverage containers.


Beverage openers vary in size but commonly include a glass bottle cap opener, a plastic bottle cap grip for greater twisting torque and a stay tab lifting mechanism for metal beverage cans. Some cans have extra conveniences built in such as magnetic backing to catch and hold metal caps or stick to a refrigerator door.


Beverage openers are useful for opening every day beverage containers for those who have limited hand strength as it eliminates the need for strong twisting or pulling motions. Plastic bottles may become stuck due to a high volume of carbonation released during shipping or overtightening. Some do not have fingernails with which to properly use a stay tab and glass bottles almost always require some sort of bottle opener.

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