Betty Co-Ed

Betty Co-Ed is a 1946 American musical comedy film starring Jean Porter, directed by Arthur Dreifuss and produced by Sam Katzman.

Betty Co-Ed
Directed byArthur Dreifuss
Produced bySam Katzman
Written byArthur Dreifuss and George H. Plympton
StarringJean Porter
CinematographyM. A. Anderson
Edited byHenry Batista
Kay Pictures
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
November 28, 1946
Running time
68 minutes


Vaudeville is in Joanne Leeds' blood, but when she applies for admission at prestigious Upton College, she is accepted because it is mistakenly believed she hails from a prominent family.

A rivalry begins immediately with campus co-ed Gloria Campbell, who resents boyfriend Bill Brewster's interest in the new girl. Joanne is humiliated by Gloria during a college pledge party. Attending a school dance by herself, Joanne joins the singers on stage and impresses Bill and other students.

Deciding to run for the title of "Betty Co-Ed," most popular girl on campus, Joanne is crossed again by Gloria, who stuffs the ballot box to make it appear Joanne has rigged the vote. Faced with expulsion, Joanne delivers a speech that causes Gloria to develop a guilty conscience and apologize.



The film was based on a story by Erna Lazarus which Columbia Pictures bought in 1945. They assigned it to Sam Katzman, who made it for his production company, Kay Pictures, who released through Columbia. Porter was borrowed from MGM to play the lead.[1][2] She wound up making a number of movies for Katzman.


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