Betty Boije

Betty Natalie Boije af Gennäs (14 February 1822 - 14 November 1854), was a Finnish (originally Swedish) opera and concert singer (contralto) and composer.

She was the daughter of the Swedish noble Clas Otto Boye and Marianna Horn af Rantzien and the sister of the pianist Wilhelmina Boije, and married in 1853 to the Swedish composer Isidor Dannström. She was raised in Finland, were her father had a position, and debuted as a concert singer in Åbo in 1847. She toured in Finland, Estonia and Russia, before she debuted in Stockholm in 1849. She was active as an opera singer at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm in 1850-1851. In 1853-54, she toured with her spouse and sister in Great Britain and the United States. She was also a composer.[1]


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