Beta Ho To Aisa

Beta Ho To Aisa is a 1994 Bollywood film directed by C.P. Dixit, produced by late Praveen Khanna and presented by Bombino's Babubhai latiwala. It stars Govinda, Varsha Usgaonkar & Raza Murad in pivotal roles.[1]

Beta Ho To Aisa
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Directed byC.P. Dixit
Produced byLate Praveen Khanna
Written byKehsav rathod, Ram govind
Varsha Usgaonkar & Raza Murad
Music byRavindra Jain
CinematographyMunir khan
Edited byHussain Burmawala
Release date
  • 21 October 1994 (1994-10-21)



Anand is an honest forest officer in Ramgadh with his pregnant wife Laxmi proudly raising his two adolescent sons; Suraj and chandar, a loyal domestic help Dinu and his son Raju whom Anand and Laxmi have bought up with like their own. When J K and Anand spot bandits looting a government gold van; they hunt them down taking over the bounty. Anand tricks JK and hides the same arousing JK's wrath who captivates him for information though not before he has gunned down his loyal servant Dinu. Raju takes to the robinhood life to bring up his master's family he considers his own. He seldom crosses path with the notorious smugglers and gamblers whom he hoodwinks along with his accomplice Bantu thus instigating their crime lord JK. Raju and Jk's daughter Mini fall in love, while JK's business draws Suraj and Chandar who have become a lawyer and inspector start working for him. Things turn bizarre when Raka, working under cover with JK though hand in glove with Raju and bantu whom he has grown up with is spotted as corrupt in JK's gang and killed in cold blood by JK's son Rakesh. Suraj proves him innocent in court thus earning Mini's hand in marriage. Meanwhile Laxmi discovers Raju's fraudulent ways and the family deserts him though Raju's repentance does bring his mother and sister back but not before his sister who gets married to Ravi is raped and her groom killed on the night of marriage. Jk confesses to Rakesh that Mini is not his real daughter whereby he also discovers that Raju is the culprit who is looting him. How the characters culminate to their destinies forms the climax of the film.


All songs were written and composed by Ravindra Jain.

#Song TitleSinger
1"Badlenge Jab Din Inke"Mohammad Aziz
2"Main Teri Jashoda Maiya"Hemlata
3"Tu Meri Jashoda Maiya"Mohammad Aziz
4"Teri Zinda Dilli"Asha Bhosle
5"Tune Ka Naata Tod Chala"Hemlata
6"Woh Meri Jashoda Maiya"Mohammad Aziz
7"Raat muraadowali tujhko"Mohammad Aziz , Kavita Krishnamurthy



The songs were choreographed by Master Kamal and Vijay Oscar; while action was by Rashid khan.


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