Bernd Meinunger

Bernd Meinunger (born 30 September 1944 in Meiningen) is a German lyricist and record producer (with Hanne Haller) who frequently works with Ralph Siegel and David Brandes. Several of his songs have represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bernd Meinunger
Also known asJohn O'Flynn
Born (1944-09-30) 30 September 1944
Meiningen, Germany
Occupation(s)lyricist, record producer
Years active1970s–present
Associated actsRalph Siegel, Hanne Haller, E-Rotic

Selection of Works

Eurovision Song Contest participations

1979"Dschinghis Khan"Dschinghis Khan Germany4th
1980"Theater"Katja Ebstein Germany2nd
1980"Papa Pingouin"Sophie & Magaly Luxembourg9th
1981"Johnny Blue"Lena Valaitis Germany2nd
1982"Ein bißchen Frieden"Nicole Germany1st
1985"Children, Kinder, Enfants"Ireen Sheer, C. & M. Roberts, Olivier, Solomon Luxembourg13th
1987"Laß die Sonne in dein Herz"Wind Germany2nd
1988"Lied für einen Freund"Maxi & Chris Garden Germany14th
1992"Träume sind für alle da"Wind Germany16th
1994"Wir geben 'ne Party"Mekado Germany3rd
1997"Zeit"Bianca Shomburg Germany18th
1999"Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs'e seyahat"Sürpriz Germany3rd
2002"I Can't Live Without Music"Corinna May Germany21st
2003"Let's Get Happy"Lou Germany11th
2005"Cool Vibes"Vanilla Ninja  Switzerland8th
2005"Run & Hide"Gracia Germany24th
2006"If We All Give a Little"six4one  Switzerland17th
2009"Just Get Out of My Life"Andrea Demirović Montenegro11th (semifinal)
2015"Chain of Lights"Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini San Marino16th (semifinal)

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