Berkshire International Film Festival

The Berkshire International Film Festival (BIFF) was founded in 2005 by Kelley Vickery in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The four-day festival features independent films for filmmakers and film aficionados, with showings of features, documentaries, shorts, and animation—as well as panel discussions and special events focusing on filmmakers and talented artists from both sides of the camera.

Berkshire International Film Festival
LocationGreat Barrington, Massachusetts
Directed byKelley R. Vickery

It is scheduled in mid-May as a kick-off to the Berkshires cultural season.[1] BIFF aims to provide filmmakers, producers, directors, writers and actors a place to present their work and to interact with each other and with the audience. The Festival aims to showcase challenging and relevant documentaries, and to provide a platform for Berkshire filmmakers. In 2010 the festival attracted 500 submissions, of which 77 were selected for screening.[1]

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