Benfica Futebol Campus

Benfica Futebol Campus or Benfica Campus (formerly Caixa Futebol Campus), also referred to as Centro de estágio do Seixal, is the training ground of Portuguese professional football club S.L. Benfica and its youth academy. Having nine pitches (three of synthetic turf), including the main one with 2,721 seats – Benfica B's home ground – the training centre is used by Benfica's first-team, the reserves, and men's youth levels such as the under-19s.[3] Located in Seixal, it opened on 22 September 2006 and was sponsored by Caixa Geral de Depósitos until September 2019.[4]

Benfica Campus
Centro de estágio do Seixal
Scale model of the training centre
Full nameBenfica Futebol Campus
Former namesCaixa Futebol Campus (2006–2019)
AddressBenfica Campus, Quinta da Trindade, 2840-600
LocationSeixal, Portugal
Coordinates38°38′26″N 09°05′31″W
OwnerS.L. Benfica
OperatorS.L. Benfica SAD
(1,533 covered seats)[1]
SurfaceGrass (6)
Synthetic turf (3)
Broke groundJanuary 2000
Opened22 September 2006
Expanded2013–2014, 2017–2019[2]
Construction cost€15,000,000
ArchitectPedro George
Isabel Pessoa
S.L. Benfica
S.L. Benfica B
S.L. Benfica Juniors
and other men's youth levels
Benfica Futebol Campus


Benfica Campus has a building consisting of a hotel with a capacity of 86 rooms, due to having the club's youth academy embedded in it. Moreover, it has two gyms, 28 locker rooms, two cafeterias, two auditoriums, swimming pools, jacuzzis, sauna, and so on. After Benfica TV was launched in 2008, it gained a TV studio as well (the channel's second).

The infrastructure was expanded to accommodate all Benfica youth levels and, in particular, the Benfica B team. A new stand with 1,188 seats was constructed at the main field, increasing the latter's overall capacity to a maximum of 2,708 – thus surpassing the minimum required by Liga Portugal.[5] In addition, a presidential box was created, and some changes were made to the press area, the control room, the tourniquets location, and the sector for supporters of a visiting team. The new stand was inaugurated on 1 December 2013.[6]

As part of the training centre's expansion, its total area was increased from 15 to 19 hectares, and, among other changes, three new pitches were created, one of them with a capacity of 604.[7][1]


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