Belubula River

Belubula River, a perennial river that is part of the Lachlan catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the central west region of New South Wales, Australia.

King Plains Creek, Dungeon Creek[1]
Concrete bridge over the Belubula River in Carcoar
EtymologyAboriginal: stony river; big lagoon[1]
StateNew South Wales
RegionIBRA: South Eastern Highlands
DistrictCentral West
MunicipalitiesBathurst, Blayney, Cabonne
Physical characteristics
  locationsouth of Vittoria
  elevation936 m (3,071 ft)
MouthLachlan River
east of Gooloogong
262 m (860 ft)
Length165 km (103 mi)
Basin features
River systemMurray–Darling basin
  leftCoombing Creek, Mandurama Ponds, Limestone Creek (New South Wales), Jacks Creek (New South Wales)
  rightCadiangullong Creek, Swallow Creek, Panuara Rivulet, Nyrang Creek

Location and features

The river rises south of Vittoria, midway between Bathurst and Orange and generally flows south and west, joined by eight minor tributaries, flowing through Carcoar Lake where its flow is regulated, before reaching its mouth at the Lachlan River, east of Gooloogong; dropping 674 metres (2,211 ft) over its course of 165 kilometres (103 mi).[2]

The name is derived from the Australian Aboriginal meaning for stony river or big lagoon.[1] The original inhabitants of the land alongside the Belubula River are the Australian Aborigines of the Wiradjuri clan.[3]

Towns on the Belubula River, from its source towards its mouth, include Blayney, Carcoar, and Canowindra.

The New South Wales government the potential for a new dam of up to 700 gigalitres at Cranky Rock on the Belubula River.[4][5] However in 2018 the proposal was shelved due to environmental concerns[6].

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