Bell River (New South Wales)

Bell River, a watercourse that is part of the Macquarie catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the central west region of New South Wales, Australia.

Bell River
Nandillion Ponds[1]
Etymologyin honour of Brevet Major Bell[2]
StateNew South Wales
IBRASouth Eastern Highlands, NSW South Western Slopes
DistrictCentral West
MunicipalitiesCabonne, Wellington
Physical characteristics
SourcePloughman's Creek
  locationMarch, near Orange
  elevation726 m (2,382 ft)
2nd sourceBroken Shaft Creek
MouthMacquarie River
285 m (935 ft)
Length146 km (91 mi)
Basin features
River systemMurray–Darling Basin
  leftMolong Creek, Curra Creek, Blathery Creek
  rightNubrigan Creek, Weandre Creek


The river rises in the hills north-west of Orange and flows generally north past the town of Molong, joining the Macquarie River at Wellington.[1] The course of the river is generally aligned with the Mitchell Highway, with the river dropping 441 metres (1,447 ft) over its 146 kilometres (91 mi) course.[3]

Platypus have often been sighted in the lower reaches of the Bell River.[4]


Aboriginal history

The original inhabitants of the land surrounding the Bell River were Australian Aborigines of the Wiradjuri clan.[2]

European history

The area surrounding the Bell River was first explored by John Oxley who named the river in honour of Brevet Major Bell.[2]

Alluvial gold was discovered in and along the river in 1851, inspiring a minor gold rush, most notably near the confluence of the Nubrigyn Creek with the Bell River.[5]

Minor flooding of the Bell River occurs sporadically, before its junction with the Macquarie River, including in 1920,[6] 1926,[7] and 1990 at Newrea, where the river reached 6.77 metres (22.2 ft).[8]


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