Bell County High School

Bell County High School is one of three public high schools in Bell County, Kentucky and the only one in the county's school district (the other two, Middlesboro and Pineville, are operated by city-based "independent" districts). The school, which accommodates grades 9–12, became the county district's only public high school in the 1980s when it absorbed Lone Jack High School. Locally referred to as BCHS, Bell High, or Bell County, the current building was built after the flood of 1977 and succeeds the former high school (now known as Old Bell County High School, or simply Old Bell High) which is located in a flood plain and was heavily flooded in '77. Today's campus sits on a hill above US 25E about 3 miles (5 km) south of the county seat of Pineville.

Bell County High School
9824 US Highway 25E


United States
Coordinates36.71123°N 83.69144°W / 36.71123; -83.69144
School districtBell County School District
SuperintendentYvonne Gilliam
PrincipalBrian Crawford
Faculty35.50 (FTE)[1]
Grades9 to 12
Enrollment720 (2017–18)[1]
Student to teacher ratio20.28[1]
Color(s)Royal blue, white[2]
Slogan"We are BC!", "Bobcat Nation", "Bobcate Pride"


Bell County High School (BCHS) is the home of 796 students ranging from grades 9-12. Its football team was the 2008-2009 4A State Champions. It is the only remaining county high school after the consolidation of Lone Jack High School and Bell County High School in the 1980s. The current building was built after the 1977 flood that destroyed much of Pineville, KY. Prior to the flood, Bell County was located in a building now referred to as Old Bell High. Today's campus is located on a hill on Log Mountain that overlooks US 25E about 3 miles (6 km) South of Pineville (the county seat).


Student government

The BCHS student government (commonly referred to as Student Council) is responsible for many activities within the school. It hosts all dances at the school, funds prom, and finds the annual senior trip. Popular among the council is the annual Talent Show. It is used as the platform at which candidates for the next year's council are introduced. The current president is Cole Raines (school year 16-17).

Sports and academic organizations

Notable alumni


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