Belgian Medical Component

The Medical Component of the Belgian Armed Forces (Dutch: Medische Component, French: Composante Médicale)[1][2] is the military medical service which provides medical support for its members in home and abroad operations, participating in humanitarian aid and providing certain services to the civilian society. The current Commander of the Medical Component is Major General Pierre Neirinkx[3]

Medical Component of the Belgian Armed Forces
French: Composante Médicale
Dutch: Medische Component
Insignia of the Medical Component
Founded2002 (2002)
Country Belgium
Allegiance King of the Belgians
Size1,700 active personnel
Part of Belgian Armed Forces
CommanderMajor General Pierre Neirinkx


The Medical Component consists of the following units:

  • A medical operational command (COMOPSMED), located in Evere.
  • 5 Medical Intervention Elements (EMI), located in Destelbergen, Ghlin, Peutie, Lombardsijde, and Landen,which provide the means of transportation for the wounded as well as more specialised medical care in the field.
  • A Medical Technical Intervention Element (EMI-Tech), located in Nivelles, which is responsible for medical supplies in Belgium and abroad.
  • The Military Hospital of Neder-Over-Heembeek.



NATO codeOF-10OF-9OF-8OF-7OF-6OF-5OF-4OF-3OF-2OF-1OF(D)Student officer
Belgium No equivalent
No equivalent
Generaal-majoor Brigadegeneraal Kolonel Luitenant-kolonel Majoor Kapitein-commandant Kapitein Luitenant Onderluitenant Aspirant
Général-major Général de brigade Colonel Lieutenant-colonel Major Capitaine-commandant Capitaine Lieutenant Sous-lieutenant Aspirant
Generalmajor Brigadegeneral Oberst Oberstleutnant Major Stabshauptmann Hauptmann Leutnant Unterleutnant Aspirant


Adjudant-Majoor Adjudant-chef Adjudant 1ste sergeant-majoor 1ste sergeant-chef 1ste sergeant Sergeant 1ste korporaal-chef Korporaal-chef Korporaal 1ste soldaat Soldaat
Adjudant-Major Adjudant-chef Adjudant 1er sergent-major 1er sergent-chef 1er sergent Sergent 1er caporal-chef Caporal-chef Caporal 1er soldat Soldat
Majoradjudant Chefadjudant Adjudant Erste Sergeant Major Erste Sergeant Chef Erste sergeant Sergeant Erste Korporal Chef Korporal Chef Korporal Erste Soldat Soldat





Princely Members


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