Bel RTL is a commercial radio network broadcasting in Brussels and Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium). The station is owned by the Radio H holding company, which is part of the Luxembourg-based RTL Group.

CitySchaerbeek (Brussels)
Broadcast areaBelgium
SloganVivre Ensemble (Live Together)
First air date1978 (as Radio Eau Noire)
(hiatus from early 1980s to 1991)
1991 (as Bel RTL)
OwnerRadio H S.A.
Sister stationsRadio Contact

Bel RTL is currently (as of 2013) the most widely listened-to radio station in the French Community of Belgium.[1] It is the station's aim to be as big in Belgium as its sister station RTL is in France. Many of Bel RTL's presenters came to the station from the RTL-TVI television channel.


Bel RTL broadcasts throughout Wallonia and Brussels on the following FM frequencies:


  • All Acces (Julien Sturbois)
  • Beau fixe (Sandrine Dans)
  • BelRTL matin (Barbara Mertens, Thomas Van Hamme)
  • BelRTL midi (Frédéric Bastien)
  • BelRTL non-stop
  • BelRTL soir (Sylvie Degrelle, Pascal Vrebos)
  • La vie est BEL (BelRTL va vous aider) (Ingrid Franssen, Christian De Paepe)
  • C'est pas trop tôt (Alexandra De Paepe, Fabrice Collignon)
  • La bel équipe (Thomas Van Hamme)
  • La collection (Georges Lang)
  • L'essentiel (Jean-Phillipe Lombardi)
  • Le tirlipote (Alain Simons)
  • Les grosses têtes (Philippe Bouvard & Emilie Dekegel)
  • Les grosses têtes dans la nuit des temps (Philippe Bouvard)
  • Les nocturnes (Fridays: WRTL Country) (Georges Lang)
  • Ma semaine avec (Jean-Michel Zecca)
  • On connaît la chanson (Bérénice)
  • On refait le monde (Georges Huercano)
  • Sans langue de bois (Mathieu Col)
  • Va y avoir du sport (Luc Maton)
  • Vivrensemble (Caroline Fontenoy)


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