Being Inc.

Being Incorporated, d.b.a. Being Giza Group, is a Japanese private entertainment conglomerate based in Tokyo's Roppongi district, founded on November 1, 1978 by musician Daiko Nagato.[1] Being Inc. and its subsidiaries are the main supplier of theme music for the anime series Detective Conan.[2] As of May 2011, 77 theme tunes have been supplied to the anime by Being Inc.

Being Inc.
Native name
Kabushiki gaisha Beingu
Private kabushiki gaisha
IndustryMusic, artist development, record production, marketing, audio engineering
FoundedNovember 1, 1978
FounderDaiko Nagato
HeadquartersThomas Building, 5-2-2 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan[1]
Key people
Toshinori Masuda (President & CEO)
Revenue1,000,000 yen
SubsidiariesB-Gram Records
Big M.F
Giza Studio
Northern Music
Pure Infinity
Vermillion Records
Zain Records


Nowadays production-based record company are no longer a rare thing, however Being has established a dedicated record company and label in quick succession since 1991. Label companies under the label companies that are part of Being Inc. are also subsequently owned by Being Inc. It includes indies labels as well.[3]

Independent labels

  • Zain Records[4] (1991,previously named as B.Jin)
  • VERMILLION RECORDS[5] (1992,previously names as BMG ROOMS)
  • Giza Studio[6] (1999)
  • B.Gram-Records[7] (1993)
  • NORTHERN MUSIC[8] (2007)
  • O-TOWN Jazz (2012, previously named as Giza Jazz)
  • D-Go[9] (2012)
  • Being (2012)

Indies labels

  • Tent House(1999)[10]
  • zazzy(2005)
  • magnifique(2008)
  • CRIMZON (2014)
  • Honey Bee Records (2016)

Former labels


Other subsidiaries

Being Inc. owns the acting agent and talent management company White Dream.[12]


Last June 2001, Being and its subsidiary B+U+M[13] (now merged into Vermillion Records) was found to have failed to declare 840 million yen in income.[14] They were acquitted after the investigation.[13]


A large number of songwriters, composers and arrangers have enrolled at Being, Inc. Being, Inc.'s official website has listed in alphabetical order Being's Music Creators.[15]





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