Beijing Rego British School

Beijing Rego British School (BRBS, simplified Chinese: 北京瑞金英国学校; traditional Chinese: 北京瑞金英國學校; pinyin: Běijīng Ruìjīn Yīngguó Xuéxiào) was a British international school in Tianzhu County, Shunyi District, Beijing, China.[1]

Beijing Rego British School (BRBS)
15 Liyuan Jie, Tianzhu County, Shunyi District


Motto"To Strive, To Seek, To Find and ........ Not to Yield!"
EstablishedAugust 29, 2011
FounderRego Europe Foundation
DirectorHadyn Adams
Student to teacher ratio8:1

It opened in 2011 to serve students ages 3-18.[2] As of 2012 the school had about 12 students, and by 2013 there were 60 students. In 2013 Ellis Friedman of BeijingKids wrote that "has battled a lot in that short time – high staff turnover, small student body, kerfuffles with the head office, confusion over the ACI program" but that by April 2013 "they have achieved substantial growth, more stability, and as a result, happy parents."[3]

In December 2013 teachers went on strike as part of a pay dispute.[4]

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