Behsud (Hazara tribe)

The Behsud or Behsudi (alternatively Besud or Besudi), (Dari: بهسود) are one of the major tribes of the Hazara people of Hazarajat, central Afghanistan. They inhabit the Markaz Besud and Hisa-I-Awali Bihsud & Hisa-i-Duwum, Jalrez, Dai Mirdad and Chak Districts of Wardak Province, Nawur and Jeghatoo District of Ghazni province and Panjaw and Waras Districts of Bamyan Province.


The 19th century Behsud chieftain Mir Yazdan Bakhsh was one of the first Hazara chiefs, who tried in vain to unify all Hazaras. In the Hazara resistance against the Soviet Union and later the Taliban most of the modern Hazara political leadership has emerged from the Behsuds. Afghan leaders from the Behsud tribe include Sultan Ali Keshtmand, the Prime Minister of Afghanistan from 1981 to 1989. Karim Khalili the current vice president of Afghanistan.

Notable Behsud

  • Karim Khalili, present vice president of Afghanistan.
  • Sultan Ali Keshtmand, the communist Prime Minister of Afghanistan (1981–1990).
  • Mir Yazdan Bakhsh, an early 19th-century Hazara chieftain.
  • Sharbat Ali Changezi, Air Marshall Pakistan Air Force.
  • Haji Kazim Yazdani, historical researcher and writer.
  • Rohullah Nikpai, Taekwondo practitioner and two-time Olympic bronze medalist.
  • Khuda Nazar Qambari A Quetta Hazara born in 1914, son of Qambar Ali who had emigrated from Qol Khaish, Besud to Quetta after the Uruzgan war. Mr. Qambari served in the provincial government of Balochistan. He has written the "Brief Note on Hazaras" in October 1987. This note has been published by Mr. Ishaq Muhammadi from Washington D.C in 2014. Mr. Qambari was the principle informant of Elizabeth Bacon for her work "OBOK", Mr. Muhammad Otadulajam for his work "The Hazaras of Balochistan" and a map of Hazarajat published in book "The Hazaras" by Sayd Askar Mosavi, has a reference to him. All these authors have acknowledged his contributions. He died on 30 November 1990 at Quetta and buried in Hazara Qabristan. His elder son Capt (R) Quyyum Nazar Changazee retired as additional chief secretary Government of Balochistan.

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