Beggars Banquet (book)

Beggars Banquet is the second collection of short stories by crime writer Ian Rankin, which features 21 stories written between 1991 and 2000 and previously published in crime anthologies and magazines. Seven are Inspector Rebus stories. Rankin says in the Introduction I tend to write short stories in between books, as a way of getting the good Inspector out of my system for a while. Another, A Deep Hole, was originally set in Edinburgh, but was tweaked and set in London for a 1999 volume London Noir.

Beggars Banquet
First edition
AuthorIan Rankin
GenreShort Stories
PublisherOrion Books
Publication date
Media typePrint

The story "Herbert in Motion" is concerned with the theft of works of art from the storage facilities of the Tate Gallery by a curator, and their replacement with high quality forgeries to avoid detection of the crime; this also was the theme for the 2008 novel Doors Open. The story was first published in "Herbert in Motion and Other Stories" (1997).

Featured Short Stories:

Trip Trap An Inspector Rebus Story
Someone Got to Eddie
A Deep Hole
Natural Selection
Facing The Music An Inspector Rebus Story
Principles of Accounts
The Only True Comedian
Herbert in Motion
Unlucky in Love, Unlucky at Cards
Video, Nasty
Talk Show An Inspector Rebus Story
Castle Dangerous An Inspector Rebus Story
The Wider Scheme
Unknown Pleasures
In The Frame An Inspector Rebus Story
The Confession
The Hanged Man
Window of Opportunity An Inspector Rebus Story
The Serpent's Back
No Sanity Clause An Inspector Rebus Story
Death Is Not the End An Inspector Rebus novella
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