Before Women Had Wings

Before Women Had Wings is a 1997 television film, based on the story by Connie May Fowler about a mother whose abusive husband commits suicide. She then starts to violently abuse her two daughters. It is only then that a kindly black woman becomes good friends with her youngest daughter and helps the daughter escape her tortured life. The film stars Ellen Barkin, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Majorino, and Julia Stiles. Barkin won an Emmy for her role.

Before Women Had Wings
DVD Cover
Directed byLloyd Kramer
Produced byJay Benson
Oprah Winfrey
Written byConnie May Fowler
StarringEllen Barkin
Oprah Winfrey
Tina Majorino
Julia Stiles
John Savage
Burt Young
William Lee Scott
Louis Crugnali
David Hart
Music byAnton Sanko
CinematographyEricson Core
Edited byStephen Semel
Distributed byABC
Release date
2 November 1997 (USA)
26 October 1997 (Canada)
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited States


Life is hard for Avocet Abigale "Bird" Jackson, and her sister Phoebe, constantly putting up with their parents' arguments. Their father, Billy, is always beating their mother, Glory Marie, and every time things seem to go right between Glory Marie and Billy, yet another argument begins. Unable to put up with it any longer Glory Marie tells Billy she's taking the girls and leaving him. He punches her and knocks her teeth out, then drives off in the car. Later that evening, a policeman shows up at the door to tell them that Billy has killed himself.

Set on starting a new life, Glory Marie takes her daughters and moves to a motel in Florida, where she gets a job as a bookkeeper in the motel office run by Louis Ippolito. They move into an old trailer because there are no rooms. Bird becomes friends with a kind black woman, Zora Williams, whom Glory Marie warns her to stay away from. Glory Marie begins to drink heavily, and beats Phoebe with a brush for staying out late with Louis' son L.J. She later hits Bird on the head with a mug for asking for a bike for Christmas. Glory Marie's estranged son, Hank, comes to visit for Christmas, as he left home because of his parents and there is still some friction between them. Bird spends more and more time with Zora, behind Glory Marie's back, and realizes there can be a better life for her. Phoebe finally stands up to Glory Marie when she calls Phoebe a tramp for the way she's dressed and slaps her, Phoebe slaps her back.

Glory Marie eventually discovers that Bird has been visiting Zora and violently beats her with a belt and leaves. Phoebe takes her to Zora. When Glory Marie returns the next morning, she barges into Zora's and demands her daughters come back with her, but Zora has a word with her and tells her she understands. When her husband died she ignored her daughter, but she never hit her, and she is going to see her daughter again, but she is not going anywhere until she knows Glory Marie's daughters are safe. Glory Marie makes the hardest decision of her life when she decides to send her daughters away with Zora. On their last day together, Glory Marie makes them dinner, washes, folds and packs all their clothes, and she brushes Bird's hair, with the same brush she used to beat Phoebe. When the girls leave with Zora, Bird is unsure if she will ever see her mother again.



Year Result Award Category
1998 Nominated Aritos Best Casting for TV Movie of the Week - Francine Maisler
1998 Won Emmy Award Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie - Ellen Barkin
1998 Nominated Golden Globe Award Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV - Ellen Barkin
1998 Won Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television - Ellen Barkin
1998 Nominated Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series/Made-for-TV Movie - Tina Majorino
1998 Nominated YoungStar Award Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Mini-Series/Made-for-TV Movie - Tina Majorino
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