Beat Happening/Screaming Trees

Beat Happening/Screaming Trees is an EP and a one-off collaboration between Beat Happening (from Olympia, Washington) and Screaming Trees (from Ellensburg, Washington). Originally released on Homestead Records in 1988, it was later reissued as part of Beat Happening's box set Crashing Through in 2002. The journal of Kurt Cobain contains a draft of a letter sent to Mark Lanegan, in which he described "Polly Pereguinn" as his favorite pop song of the 1980s.

Beat Happening/Screaming Trees
EP by
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerSteve Fisk
Beat Happening and Screaming Trees chronology
Invisible Lantern
Beat Happening/Screaming Trees
Buzz Factory
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Track listing

  1. "Sea Babies"
  2. "Tales Of Brave Aphrodite"
  3. "Polly Pereguinn"
  4. "I Dig You"


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