Beasts of Paradise

Beasts of Paradise is a 1923 American adventure silent film serial directed by William James Craft. The film stars William Desmond and Eileen Sedgwick and was produced and released by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.. The film is presumed to be lost.[1]

Beasts of Paradise
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Directed byWilliam James Craft
Written byVal Cleveland
StarringWilliam Desmond
Eileen Sedgwick
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • October 1, 1923 (1923-10-01)
Running time
15 episodes
CountryUnited States


The story is told in 15 episodes which Universal advertised as: Laid aboard ship and on a mysterious island in the South Seas, the picture plot admitted of romantic and suspenseful handling. The action includes much jungle stuff and adventures on the part of the leading characters in which wild animals figure. These punch scenes include fights with lions, alligators, elephants and other jungle denizens. Especial pains were taken at Universal City, which boasts the best menagerie in the film industry, to inject real suspense and dangerous situations into the animal sequences. The sea sequences also were made with an eye to the outdoing of all previous serial thrills. Under-water fights, shark fights, submarine adventures and other aquatic thrills figure in many of the fifteen episodes of the serial.[2]

List of episodes

  • Episode 1 - The Mystery Ships
  • Episode 2 - Unseen Perils
  • Episode 3 - The Typhoon
  • Episode 4 - The Sea Raider
  • Episode 5 - The Tidewater Trap
  • Episode 6 - The Alligator Attacks
  • Episode 7 - The Deluge
  • Episode 8 - The Mutiny
  • Episode 9 - Ship Aflame
  • Episode 10 - The Mad Elephant Charge
  • Episode 11 - Smothered in the Sands
  • Episode 12 - Millions in Gold
  • Episode 13 - Into the Bloodhounds Jaws
  • Episode 14 - Into the Whirlpool
  • Episode 15 - The Trail's End


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