Bazalgette Memorial

The Sir Joseph Bazalgette Memorial is a memorial to the Victorian engineer Sir Joseph Bazalgette, by George Blackall Simonds. It is located on the Victoria Embankment.


George Blackall Simonds (1843–1929) was a Reading sculptor and director of H & G Simonds Brewery. He exhibited consistently at the Royal Academy.[1] Simonds studied under Johannes Schilling in Dresden, and Louis Jehotte at The Academy of Brussels.[2] He created over 200 pieces in many different media.[2]

While The Falconer (1873) is in Central Park, New York,[3] much of his larger work is to be found in or near Reading. The Maiwand Lion (1866) in the Forbury Gardens is his, the statue of Queen Victoria at the Town Hall, the Statue of George Palmer (moved from the High Street to a park) and the statue of H. Blandy, another mayor of Reading.[4]

Substantial pieces were also commissioned for Indian locations, Allahabad[5] and Calcutta.[6]

In 1922 he designed the war memorial at Bradfield, Berkshire,[7] which commemorated the deaths of local men in the First World War including his son, a lieutenant with the South Wales Borderers.[8]


Bazelgette was a prolific Victorian engineer, responsible for the Embankment on the north of the Thames, as well as the smaller Albert Embankment to the south. Bazalgette's neo-classical mausoleum is in the churchyard of St. Mary's in Wimbledon.

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