Bauchi language

Bauchi (Bauci, Baushi) is a cluster of Kainji languages spoken in Nigeria.

Native toNigeria
RegionNiger State
Native speakers
(20,000 cited 1988)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bsf

The Baushi languages are:[3]

  • Samburu
  • Ndəkə (Madaka) - three clans: Undo, Sambora, Jibwa[4]
  • Hupɨnɨ (Supana)
  • Wãyã (Wayam)
  • Rubu
  • Mɨɨn

The Bauchi languages have a set of unusual sounds for the area, called "linguo-labials" by Blench. They are similar to the interdental approximants of the Philippines, where the tongue can protrude slightly over the lower lip.


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